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  1. New cable arrived in the mail last night. I had a bad feeling as soon as I saw the box because it was obviously to short to fit any of the premium riser cables offered by Thermaltake. Opened the box and it was the same cable that came with the case, folded in half. Not tightly folded, but folded all the same. Given the experience with the first cable I probably won't bother using this one for long. Now I just have to decide what cable to use. 3M or the Thermaltake premium cable.
  2. So I just wanted to follow up on my last post with an update. Read on if you are interested. TLDR; It took less than 24hours of actual business days to get a response and a tracking number on a new cable. I opened up a support request by emailing them at ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com late Friday. Got the automated reply about 90 minutes later. Email had a link to a page to fill out more specific info. Filled out the info on Saturday, but didn't have my original receipt to upload on the page. Got a reply this morning, Monday, about 11:00am central. They required actual receipt to process RMA. Luckily the local Fry's was able to do a reprint of the invoice for me. Got this scanned and sent as attachment right about 4:00pm central. I also asked if the replacement cable would be the new premium 300mm model. Received a reply 7 minutes later that a new cable will be sent out tomorrow and that I would not need to send the old cable back. No mention of what the new cable would be. Replied to that email asking again if the new cable would be the premium model. Also offered to pay difference to get premium cable if I could. Received two more automated looking emails, one with instructions on returning the other with a tracking number. No mention of what the cable will be. When the cable arrives I will update. I am in the U.S. so maybe that's the difference in my experience compared to the people having issues getting a replacement?
  3. Have not had any luck finding the new premium cables on Amazon. Looks like you can buy the 300mm directly from Thermaltake's site here. For now I'm going to try contacting them through regular support channels as describe by ThermalMike. Let us know if you hear anything from them. I know I will.
  4. So I am about done with my latest build in a Core P5 and just found this thread. It just made me think about the fact that the PCI riser cable was folded in half when I pulled it out the box. Needless to say, I am now extremely concerned about the riser cable. It seems like even if I don't get boot errors and general buggy behavior from this system, it won't be running at full potential. Current build is on the Asus X99-AII mobo with an Asus STRIX 1080 OC edition graphics card. My main question is this, if/when the cable that came with the case goes bad, will the replacement cable now be the old replacement cable or the new premium cable? Also, has anyone had experience with the premium cables? I am seriously considering just ordering a new cable before I finish this build. It's really important to me that this build be rock solid. It's a Christmas/graduation gift to my son. Soon he won't be in the house to have dad as his personal IT guy. Really hope @ThermalMike can chime in on this. Although I see he hasn't been active in this thread since November last year.
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