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  1. yeah well david, i tried to contact them several times but they did not answer... :\ Well, after a lot of research and communications of all kind. ive found the solution. that product does not support every kind of media players and winamp (what i use) is among them. the solution is to tell the media player to react whenever a multimedia key is pressed. in winamp case: Options->Preferences->Global Hotkeys->check the "enable default multimedia key support" and also "enable"
  2. Hey guys, i just got my new challenger ultimate keyboard. i disabled the the keyboards audio jack so the volume keys will work and so they do. my problem is that when i try to use the multimedia keys (backward, play, stop, foreword) they do not do anything. i know they are active because whenever i try to press them, the green function icon appears. the last version of the driver is installed. i tried replacing the usb port. when i enable the onboard audio jack, the multimedia keys still dont work. i use windows 7. thanks
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