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  1. Hey , yesterday i let my brother try out my TTventus x mouse, he said that it was the best mouse that he ever played with .
  2. I came to the country to visit my GF ,and his family literally cant get enough of the cool TT set that i have brought with me. This is the best set that i have ever owned. His brother is jelous of all the cool things. :)))
  3. Ohh , nice ,im glad that you all like the mousepads. But what is your guys opinion about the mini TT headset ISURUS PRO , with the detachable microphone? Its my favorite TT gear for sure
  4. Oh ,man i am glad that you asked , it is the best mouse that i have ever owned hehe . But tell me friend ,what do you think about the TT mousepad? Its so good, right?
  5. Yes! Exactly! Im glad that you agree. This reminds me of...: Once i was at a friends house , and he told me that his headset was much better,so i told him to lets compare the sound of my 3D 7.1 and his headset, and my headseats sound was much better , i think i have convinced him hehe , do you have any experience like this one?
  6. Hey , oh yeah i cant play without my TT gear either hehe, what is your favourite TT gear? mine is the Poseidon Z
  7. Hey everybody , yesterday i was at the mall, at a hardware store, and someone was looking to buy TT stuff , i went next to him ,and told him that this is the best gear available , i use it all the time , he was happy with his purchase .
  8. My favorite thing to do with the Ventus X is to rub my thumb against its gummy pattern, it is so relaxing , helps me calm down when i am angry because of League of legends .
  9. Yesterday i was walking down the street, wearing my headphone , and a random guy stopped me that , he really likes my headset , i told him where to get them , he was so happy!
  10. I have been learning a lot,but sometimes i have some time to play some games on League for fun, the TT gear makes casual gaming so enjoyable thx TT.
  11. I have the SHOCK 3D , and i doesnt even have a bad word for it . Easily the best headset ,that i ever had (and i had like 5 headsets before) It is really comfortable, and price efficient . Does anyone have a good gaming chair? I would like to hear about it
  12. Ohh ,you didnt ask me ,but i will tell you my personal opinion , the Shock 3D is the best headset that i have ever owned, the mic is easy to adjust and the headphone rests nicely on my head
  13. Looking forward to it! Im curious of how does the gaming house look like . Hope i can see it soon.
  14. When i am going out with my friends, from my university , i always tell stories from lan events like SEEC and tell them how fun it was to show up to a lane event in full matching TT gear ,we looked super good!
  15. When i wake up in the morning , i always drink my coffe from the myR cup ,that was provided when we have received the TT gear from myR ,thank you myR .
  16. Before Last SEEC at Belgrade , we have received the full TT gear with the backpack and everything . A lot of people including my father told me that the backpack looks super cool ,and professional . I really love the backpack ,because when i travel to a lan event ,the backpack is so big that i can put my cloths in there too ,saving me the need of another backpack.
  17. I really love the blue lights on poseidon Z , i have always been in love with the sound of mechanical keyboards, and now that i have one ,i just cant stop typing with it .
  18. Hey I am thinking of getting a gamer chair , could someone recommend me anything ,and tell me his opinion about the chair? Is it more comfortable than a normal office chair? Is the price it worth it ?
  19. Whaaat? I honestly had no idea about this xd, this is a gamechanger function ,this is super cool ! One bonus point on why i like the Shock 3D.
  20. ISURUS PRO Has to be my all time favorite mini headphone, it looks really cool, and it is very practical with the detachable microphone I recommend everyone to get this , if they dont want a big headset .
  21. Hey everyone My favorite Thermaltake gear is the Poseidon Z , i have always liked ,the sound of mechanical keyboards , and i am more than thrilled to have one now .
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