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  1. If any of you need help with any of their products I can assist you here on the forum! I work with tons of their cases, fans, and coolers.
  2. Hey, I can understand your situation, there is a problem with the original shipment of these items and the USB cable not seating correctly and going all the way in, which I actually helped contribute to the solution of this problem. Thermaltake has been shipping out any affected customers with new control boxes and USB cables that correct the issue, and I received mine and it did, in fact, correct the problem. So if you set your free replacement up you have nothing to lose until ti arrives so ti will not void any warranty for you in this case. I work with the Thermaltake team quite
  3. You might not have to, I'm just saying I did and my item started to work. I too ka small flat head screwdriver and very, very carefully edged some away. Do your fans get recognized from the software now though that you took it out of the case? There are a few reason why this would be and I can explain why if you would like.
  4. I know this goes against the purpose of the product, but let me ask you something, try taking the controller hub out of its plastic box by the screws holding it in, and then plug in your fans and USB cable. Does this fix any of your issues with the software seeing the fans >? Let me know because TT had an issue with the USB cable not being the right head length to fully make contact during manufacturing, so this can easily be fixed with a replacement new cable and controller. I had the same issue as you guys but took the controller out of the box and this fixed my problem. I also removed so
  5. You're going to need to uninstall the software and reinstall! After that is completed, please unplug the keyboard and plug it back in. If you're not already running the current firmware, it will work. I have noticed at times that even though firmware doesn't look like it finished it does if it gets interrupted for some reason. Then it won't install because you did get the latest version.
  6. No, it needs to stay connected, there are alternatives to your problem. You could route a USB mini b cable out of your case and just plug it into a normal USB port, you could get a motherboard that has a USB connection or USB header on your motherboard, and lastly you can get something like from NZXT that gives you more USB headers. The NZXT internal USB hub might be your best bet but you can route a cable outside if you have no other solutions.
  7. There are workarounds for the software to work 100% although not ideal!
  8. Guys I have fixed this problem and TT is aware of it, go to your roaming profile and find the Riign folder delete the XML file, also find HID under the TT programs folder and set to wWindows 8 compatibilities. This allowed my fans to stay consistent and no freezes work through fresh boots. I get your frustration as these fans were expensive and NO I'm not telling you to buy new fans, but these problems with the software and such have been corrected with the new Plus fans. if I were you I would contact TT and ask if you can get them swapped out for the newer fans, It does not hurt to ask be
  9. What FANS are you using the premium or the new plus, DPS is for PSUs, and the Riing software is for the Premium, and in fact believe it or not there is a third that you must search for specifically it looks the same but is called Riing Plus for the new fans. If you're using the Riing premium app it won't work for the new fans you need the Plus app. I agree this is confusing a bit but I have it up and working perfectly right now.
  10. Guys this is not true, I can help you as I work with the TT team but not for them. I write reviews for TT products! The Rainbow effect is only for the new Plus fans. i will answer any questions you have!
  11. Listen I told you how to fix the problem, but TT does care in resolving the matter. If I were you I would ask if you can send those back and see if they will send you the new fans. The old software and controller do have compatibility issues with Anniversary update. If you have regular Windows 10 x64 you can run HID with Windows 8.1 compatibility and the software will work.
  12. Guys TT is aware of the issue and I work with them frequently! They are issuing new cables and controllers with people affected by the problem. They had a problem during manufacturing where the cables do interfere and don't reach enough wit the housing on the controller and the USB cable doesn't seat correctly to make a connection. They have made it longer and fixed the housing.
  13. I fixed the issue and if you want the fix pm me! I worked with Thermaltake on the issues with these hubs.
  14. I can help you here! Thank me later. There are a number of things that can fix this problem, but I'm going to ask you to do something strange. You should in screw the plastic hub housing from the controller and remove it entirely. Once you have it out of the box unplug the micro USB side then plug it back in. Restart your pc. I actually have the naked hub mounted to the rear of my motherboard tray and have no issues. I have a feeling you will be surprised this works. There are a few reasons why but the most important is the USB connection isn't sitting well and not allowing the softwa
  15. As crazy as it sounds I fixed my problem by taking apart the controller and then removing the excess glue from the behind the USB connection and then using then connecting everything without the plastic shell. I actually mounted the hub without its cover to my case. I think the cover is causing issues with some of the connections. Plastic cover on = Hub not working and no software reading Plastic cover off = Hub working and software working as well. After verifying the software worked with the cover off I put the cover back on and found it didn't work. I just mount the naked hub to my case a
  16. I got an official response back from Thermaltake for everyone wondering what the problem is. The micro b to USB 9 pin cables are too short on the micro b end to make contact to the hub, they are going to offer replacement and if you just try another micro b cable like a phone one, this should fix everyone's issue.
  17. There is a fix for this problem , feel free to call TT for advice on this issue, they discovered issues with their USB cables and some hubs don't make enough of a contact to allow the software to read the hub.
  18. I can tell you something that might work but only if you do NOT have Windows 10 Anniversary update installed. I know the latest OS who would think anyone would use that! I had these fans before I just got the Riing Plus ones, and that is an even bigger mess. The software doesn't work period, 0 RPM, no ability to change RGB colors, and no controller identified. The XML file is not the entire picture, if you have Windows 10 RTM and NOT anniversary update, then delete the XML file, reinstall program, and then go find the TT folder under program files and find the icon labelled HID and set this to
  19. I too have had the same problem, it's the software, not the HUB! I may be able to help you temporarily though if you have Windows 10 regular and NOT the Anniversary Update! Go find the xml file under roaming folder, if you need further advice about where that lives let me know. Once that is deleted uninstall the software, and then reinstall it! Next look for under program files where it gets installed and look for a icon called HID. Set this to Windows 8 compatibility and the software should work as good as it can for now. You're in better shape than I am because I got the Riing Plus RGB fans
  20. My fans spin, power up, and display RGB, but the software is unresponsive, I get 0 RPM and have no ability to change any colors. I have done a bit of research into these fans and the previous ones. Have any of you experienced these issues, or found a work around!
  21. Trying to fix Riing Plus Software

  22. I am having the same exact issue, and can't even change any RGB colors or see any RPM info. It's like the hub isn't even recognized. I'll take it a step further for you guys so you don't waste your time like I have. I have the luxury that I didn't have to buy these fans and I am testing them. I would be #### off to spend 100 dollars on these fans with no software functionality. I know a few things here that are interesting and may shed some light and may lead to a fix but it's not the entire picture of the problem. People keep thinking the USB 2.0 header is and when they run into this prob
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