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  1. Hey! My recommdation to anyone wanting to save themselves trouble is to go with NZXT as well. But, just out of curiosity, did you try my patching fix? (If you are too afraid to patch you can PM me...) I've been running the patched hid.exe for 3 weeks now and it seems fine. The patch might have fixed the incompatibility. I guess it's already too late. If you are into experimenting you could plug them back in and check even if you don't plan on using them and report back for other's to know the results.
  2. The conflict is between OLD VERSIONS HwInfo and Corsair Link. If you search the interent you will find a few threads. MY GUESS IS THAT: Thermaltake LICENSED a .dll from Hwinfo, and are USING IT IMPORTERLY or it's an old version. I would presume (with some reasoanble confidence) this is the only product affected (as well as the premius plus version of this fan). Try googling Astek (or the software you are gonna use - NZXT something something) and HwInfo "incompability." If there are no results - you'll be fine.
  3. I devised a few theories and this is the best config I created if you have 4 fans. I have 2 front let's call them A and B. 2 top let's call them C D. 1. Controller 1 position - leave empty 2 position - A 3 position - C 2. Controller 1 position - leave empty 2 position - B 3 position - D WHEN SETTING RGB THERE IS A SMALL DELAY BUT IT LOOKS GOOD. In this setup there is a cool pulsating look to this kind of delay.\ (To fix hibernation see my hibernation fix in this forum) TO COMPLETELY SYNC RGB GO INTO HIBERNATE, CUT POWER, RESUME. This works by exploting multiple bugs at once. You only need to set speeds in the 1. controller. Due to a bug it will set top and front both fans at the same time. At this point I dont care for any updates. I've debugged, reverse engineered and #### with this thing for 3 days and I finally have everything working. The fans hardware is good and they look great. But I defenitely do not recommend them to anyone, even if you have both the hardware and software rev eng skills. Not worth the risk/reward for the effort you have to put in and get lucky figuring out how some part of this broken thing works.
  4. Try starting AP.exe manually. Go into event viewer and post the exit code. It's a number that will loke like this 0x00000001 or 0x0000000 with some additional info.
  5. Hey! I'm a programmer by trade and I've investigated that software a alot. Try llooking up the many guides to get the software to run. I think you can get it running if the box is not defective. There is at most a 30 second delay before the GUI goes responese. Also try many reinstall-restart loops and wait for the gui to get started. I wrote two fixes to the software, a hibernation fix and a Corsair Link compability fix. If you get it running, see if those can help you.
  6. 4 total fans in 2 controlers. RGB goes out of sync. Is preserved only withing that controler. Please fix this! Also there is a horrible bug in software: Changing the speed of Fan 1 of controller 1 changes speed of Fan 1 of controller 2. Completely unusable. Any help?
  7. Ok. I fixed another one. https://github.com/Edza/TtHibernationManager Let's hope this fan software will not deliver any more difficulties. The method how this works is the following: 1. Download Process Explorers from sysinternals 2. Suspend Hid.exe 3. Hibernate 4. Resume Hid.exe The linked github project does that automatically.
  8. If I'm too lazy to create a video this is how you fix it: 1. Make sure your application is V1.0.2. (other version will 99% wont work) bottom right corner, this is the latest at the moment 2. Download http://x64dbg.com/ 3. Create a new text file in notepad called "corsair_link_fix_v102.1337" YES THAT'S .1337 (I did not invent it) Copy the following code EXACTLY (including the newline before 4.): >hid.exe 00008A76:41->99 00008A77:02->98 4. Kill "hid.exe" in task manager. 5. Run x64dbg. Open. Navigate to "hid.exe" in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Riing RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition" 6. Click the bandage icon named "Patches". Import that .1337 file. 7. "Apply patches to file". 8. Save as "hid2.exe". Close x64dbg. 9. Rename "hid.exe" in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Riing RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition" to "hid_backup.exe" 10. Copy the patched "hid2.exe" into above folder. 11. Rename "hid2.exe" to "hid.exe" 12. Restart I looked at the code this should not break anything. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! YOU ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS! It's probably fine. Everything I try seems to work. I could have just posted the fixed hid.exe file to replace with. But it could be a virus right - you don't me. A random stranger on the internet peddling .exe files is a bad practice. So patch yourself!
  9. I fixed it by reverse engineering the application and applying a patch. Gonna post a video tutorial later. Definitely not a solution for everyone, but in this current state better than nothing. It breaks temp monitoring and probably should break PWM too, but I don't use that. Because guess what? with it's predefined curve it's useless anyways.
  10. Hey! What do you mean by "quick fix is let the software run on startup."? I have it running on startup (the option in the tray icon). Some other kind of startup? I don't get it. ;D I tried restarting the application after resuming from hibernate, but that doesn't help. Only thing that helps is a restart.
  11. There is a CRITICAL incompatibly with the Corsair Link software. If this software and Corsair Link is open at the same time MOST LIKELY HWINFO32.DLL is POLLING the motherboard TOO FAST. This breaks the Corsair Link fan control. My (Corsair) fan oscillates wildly and makes terrible noises. When I close this software Corsair Link works perfectly. Especially the HID.exe This is unacceptable. Please fix this incompatibility! You can do that by decreasing the polling rate for the CPU temp or adding that as an option. PLEASE FIX!
  12. Hello! I have the Riing 14 LED RGB TT Premium Edition 3-Fan Pack. After going in hibernation and returning from it ALL THE FANS ARE AT 0 RPM OR ARE STUCK AT THE LAST RPM BEFORE HIBERNATION. This is unacceptable. Please fix this. The fans are beautiful and are engineering well. However you need to work on the software! As a programmer myself I can clearly see it is not complete. Please fix this! I'll buy another pack if you fix it. They look really good, but this is a deal breaker for me. Don't want to return them. Is there some kind of a log I can look at? To send you.
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