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  1. No slider in the software and my audio settings are set to 24 bit studio. I have issue with downgrading my sound just to get an effect.
  2. Hey folks: Looking for a little advice. I recently completed my new build. Tower 900 running a dozen Riing Plus 12 fans for cooling. After a minor psychotic breakdown with trying to debug what I thought was a software issue(turned out to be a #### daisy chain cable) I have all 12 working in every mode but audio. It keeps telling me the audio source could not be received. What am I missing here? Aside from the audio issue. I have no complaints with fans
  3. Update: I have completed the build and ultimately went with the Riing12 plus fans. I ditched the idea of seperate power and led control. I am happy with my results. I appreciate the feedback Techbird, thanks
  4. Great! I'll look into the NZXT fans. Appreciate the advice
  5. Hey all: Looking for a bit of advice. I am currently gathering bits and pieces for my next build. I've already bought a Tower 900 case and will be running it on air for the next little while as dual loop liquid is quite expensive. I plan on up to 13 fans using the F6 Contoller I have . My question is, Is there any way to utilize the controller for fan speed and have the RGB function run using software? ( I was looking at the Riing plus 120 rgb fans for this build) or is it going to be one or the other? Any help would be appreciated
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