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  1. I have run into a snag with parts. The cooling blocks needed for the GPU's are available for GPU's that I can't afford and the cooling blocks are no longer available for the ones I can afford. Looking on eBay and other places and the GPU's. In the mean time, ordering the other necessary parts needed for the cooling system. Until then, kmy friends.
  2. This M-connector can come in handy at times, especially if you are doing a build in a smaller case or are working with restricted room. In my case, it isn't necessary so I have forgone using it. For now, I am all set considering I am still piecing together the liquid cooling parts necessary. The problem I am running into is affordability of GPU vs. available GPU cooling blocks. I originally planned on twin GTX 970's, however the cooling blocks for the 970 aren't manufactured any more so if I can't find a couple after market cooling blocks, I will have to step up to a more modern GPU. Only the 1070 and higher GPU's support SLI configurations and this log may take a few months to complete if I have to purchase 1070's or above. The other concept is just to get a reasonably priced 1000 series GPU and just run a single. Considering this build is focusing on extreme cooling, I may do just that. When finished, I will be running a custom cooling loop that takes care of CPU, GPU and RAM cooling.
  3. I had to shop for video cards anywhere I could where I could afford them, but so far still waiting to hear from a few contacts. In the mean time, I could not wait. I began the build in hopes I would manage to get the needed pieces necessary to complete the build. First thing was to get the mobo ready for intall... I had to use an old CPU neatsink for the time being considering I am still piecing together the liquid cooling parts as well as I sold the new one to a buddy that needed one more than I did. The next order of business was to install the PSU and do a little preliminary wire management... ....and removed unnecessary drive bays. For now, I will leave the HDDs here until the SSD gets delivered. Then it will hang vertically in the back so I can remove the vertical support to make room for video card and to guarantee enough space for the water pump/reservoir. Now to install mobo in the case... ...and connect the wiring. I am planning on using a 360 radiator installed in the top of the case with 6 120mm LED fans arranged in a push/pull configuration. The color concept has been decided on already. UY Blue coolant, Blue LEDs with a few Red LEDs as an accent to compliment the red on the mobo. When connecting the control wiring, most mobo's come with this cute little M-connector.
  4. First of all, my name is Edwin. I have only purchased 1 computer in my life and the rest after that were home builds, my home builds. Only I knew exactly what I needed and how to get it, and that was to build my own. Never realized there was a market for this sort of thing until recently, so, here I am with my present build using a Core V71 case. The list of individual parts I plan to use is as follows; Thermaltake Core V71 case MSI Z97 Gamer 5 motherboard Intel i7 4790k Devils Canyon quad core 8 thread CPU ADATA 16Gbs (2 x 8Gbs) DDR3 2400 RAM Geforce GTX 970 video card (x2) Custom cooling loop utilizing cooling blocks, fittings, tubing and coolant from EK and other manufacturers(to be completely listed as used) Silverstone SST-ST70F-ESG 700W PSU RGB lighting (haven't made a decision yet, but will list later when used). I have nothing better to do with my time but to make my life easier and the pursuit of entertainment, in this case, gaming. I am a disabled-vet and I can't explain the enjoyment and happiness I experience when I complete a build for someone seeking my assistance and knowledge to get them exactly what they need. This build, however, is mine, all mine! The parts have started to arrive....
  5. I chose you, Marc M. FTW! In either case it will make a darn good eye catcher in someones living room when guests arrive for a visit! My last build utilized a Core V71. Next build will be a mod.
  6. USA! USA! USA! The Thermaltake 900 build! The Arcade!
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