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  1. I have the new Core P1, MSI 1070 GTX SEA HAWK EK X GPU. Using the PR-15 D5 pump/res and want to go full hard tubing. From res/pump to CPU and GPU. Using the bracket and riser cable to show off the water cooled block on the GPU. My issue is the GPU has to go in the closest slot to the board, to allow the card to slide behind the pump for fit, and to show off the pump/res as well. This leaves minimal space between the CPU water block (Pacific W4) and the GPU. Any suggestions on how to get the tubing done? Looking at doing some soft tubing between the CPU and GPU, and radiator and CPU. But does anyone know if there are any pieces, like the SLI bridge connectors for GPU's, that are flat pieces I can connect to the CPU to bring the connections up above the GPU to allow hard tubing all the way around. The other option I thought of was to see if anyone knew of an extension piece that mounts where the pump/res attaches, and moves the bracket just outside the edge of the case. Allowing the GPU to slide out closer to the glass panel, allowing for more room for tubing connections. I hope this makes sense, and if anyone has any suggestions, other than "Go get a P3"
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