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  1. Can you guys please add the ability to control the RGB function of the power supply by itself? That's all I want, to be able to use the RGB light on my power supply without all that other stuff... I can't believe you guys would CRIPPLE your flagship product like this...
  2. No... I plug the power supply in with the provided USB cable directly to the motherboard. I am still just not using the software because of the PWM fan thing. :/
  3. So I have found now that I completely loose PWM fan control with the SPM software loaded. This is BROKEN! I have disabled the software in windows for now. Thermaltake - Please investigate why the SPM software is disabling PWM fan control for Corsair H series (Hydro) coolers. While the SPM software is running, it has a LOT of other applications that run with it, Hwinfo and more, and I suspect one of them is what is disabling the fan control on my H115i. When I stop the SPM software all control comes back.
  4. I am seeing the same thing with the Thermaltake power supply SPM software RGB control and my corsair h115i. The fans will not go higher than 600rpm with the TT software loaded.. and the TT software causes all of my RGB lights to reset for a moment when it loads.. SIGH!
  5. At this point I'm seriously considering returning it.. this is not what I wanted. It's a very beautiful power supply but the software is bad.. I'm sorry to sound harsh but this is one of your flagship products and one of the primary selling points, RGB lighting, can only be enabled with software? And the software is just awkwardly bad. It's a power supply - it really shouldn't require software..
  6. Thanks. All I want to do is get the RGB ring light on - I don't want all the cloud stuff. For a $350 power supply I would hope I can just enable the light without being bothered to have to login somewhere. Please! Thanks! FYI - I noticed the 850w RGB power supply has a button for the light to come on. Why was that not on the flagship product?
  7. I recently purchased a DPS 1250w RGB power supply and it seems like a very good unit so far but i'm not having the best experience with the software. Long story short I don't want the SPM cloud component. Every time windows loads up the software loads and comes into the foreground on my desktop and sits there asking me to login to the cloud component. When I try and cancel that it tells me that I should login and I'm not going to get the most out of the software etc etc. Can I just stop this? I just to be able to see my power use occasionally when I want to and turn on the RGB ring whic
  8. Hello.... I recently bought a DPS 1250w and here are a couple pics. It's tucked away a little but you can still see it. It's a very nice looking PSU and perfect for my build. It's not done yet - I will install my eVGA GTX1080ti FTW3 soon.
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