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  1. I was wondering which of the Riing fans, TT Premium or the Plus has the better led diffusion. I have the Premiums and while they only have 2 leds per fan the diffusion creates a relatively smooth diffused look around the ring whereas every video I've seen of the Plus the led's seem very visible and defined, very dotty. I much prefer a smooth look in my build. Is that just an effect of video recording or is the Plus worse than the Premium at creating a smooth look. Cheers.
  2. Thanks ThermalMike. Much appreciated. Might have to take a hammer to the case but I'll fit it in somehow
  3. Hi I'm currently running the Riing TT Premium fans and looking to upgrade to the Riing Plus. I'm extremely tight for space where I route the fan controllers (literally not a mm to spare) and was wondering if the Riing Plus controller is exactly the same size or even smaller than the TT Premiums. Would anyone have the exact dimensions. Thanks.
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