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  1. Still no news on anything... Getting a little bit furious, I am waiting half a year to finish my build and waiting on that stupid cable. You guys at TT #### up!
  2. I have mailed to the corresponding tech support of my region. tech@thermaltake.com (filled in the tech support request) then support@thermaltake.de I got a confirmation that they will send the parts free of charge, so I provided them with my shipping address and then nothing. As stated in their email, I had to attach previous messages, as I did every single time. I haven't called though, cause I am not really a caller, more of a texter emailer guy. (cause I don't hear very well, partially deaf, I don't like to be confronted with my handicap). And then after months of w
  3. Contacted support for Belgium (i guess it's the german support) 6 months ago, they said they would send me a replacement cable. Still nothing received after 6 #### months. I have send 5 #### emails back and they don't even answer, worst support ever! As you can see I am very #### right now. Never ever will I buy anything from Thermaltake again, now I have to invest another #### 60-80 euros for a decent pci-e extender.
  4. Having the same issues now, thought at first it was the graphics card, never heard or read of the bad riser before. But tested it now and yeah, when i push it a bit it works when it just hangs it doesn't. Who do I need to contact for a replacement riser cable (i'm from Belgium)?
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