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  1. Still no news on anything... Getting a little bit furious, I am waiting half a year to finish my build and waiting on that stupid cable. You guys at TT #### up!
  2. I have mailed to the corresponding tech support of my region. tech@thermaltake.com (filled in the tech support request) then support@thermaltake.de I got a confirmation that they will send the parts free of charge, so I provided them with my shipping address and then nothing. As stated in their email, I had to attach previous messages, as I did every single time. I haven't called though, cause I am not really a caller, more of a texter emailer guy. (cause I don't hear very well, partially deaf, I don't like to be confronted with my handicap). And then after months of waiting emailed by answering their mail again, and again and again, then mailing support again and got nothing. Just the worst support ever.
  3. Contacted support for Belgium (i guess it's the german support) 6 months ago, they said they would send me a replacement cable. Still nothing received after 6 #### months. I have send 5 #### emails back and they don't even answer, worst support ever! As you can see I am very #### right now. Never ever will I buy anything from Thermaltake again, now I have to invest another #### 60-80 euros for a decent pci-e extender.
  4. Having the same issues now, thought at first it was the graphics card, never heard or read of the bad riser before. But tested it now and yeah, when i push it a bit it works when it just hangs it doesn't. Who do I need to contact for a replacement riser cable (i'm from Belgium)?
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