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  1. Welp........just gonna throw my p3 "build" in the trash now
  2. Da fuq is with this forum and spam? First post... Neways.....sure, buy it. I think the biggest problem with the whole riser card thing is people bending them.....just a theory. I recently bought a p3se (clicked the wrong one on amazon like an idiot and paid full price/no riser card...derp....) and will be doing the whole side mount gpu thing. You want shielded cable, and good cable. 3m makes a riser card and 3m makes #### good products, but its ugly. If you wanna go for looks, grab it. Or play around with the 3m one and make it look good. One thing I will be doing, is looking at how everything lines up when installing the riser cable. I'm literally surprised my pcie slot still works in my msi gaming 5 with how many times I've installed and uninstalled and thrashed around cards...MSI should make a riser cable lol. But yeah...just be careful during install.
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