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  1. ICE COLD (5th of main 5)
    Well as the Floe RC is a cooler it made sense to try something super cool like ice, this set of clips took the longest to do as they failed several times.
    Filmed on my cooker, floor using LED lighting and a hair dryer, each clip took about 20 minuets to melt the ice, then I added effects and reversed the video to make the text look to be icing up as its soooo super cool!

    This set can be used on CPU and RAM like most others by rotating them in the app, so I have left some 480x480 so you can decide, black space at the bottom of one so you can clearly see the PC stats also.


    Main set 5
    955520764_ICECOLD1.gif.be680d982467ad5d80e543b2fdac7d7a.gif     727867517_ICECOLD2.gif.72401cd729d7a4aa263c723130cea342.gif      1797456864_ICECOLD2b.gif.f0bbcdf8c380adc06bd52d4becf71fbf.gif     488886332_ICECOLD1b.gif.c9ebc2f1ce9c7b0c6754af5b421b7ef4.gif

  2. LIGHTNING FAST (4th of main 5)
    Ok so this one is a bit different, this is based on the DDR (ToughRAM RC) most have black backgrounds to help the text pop, but one also has another version of my water flow background.
    The lightning was the hard part, making it move with the text and flip without looking too fake.


    Main set 4

    1655756735_LIGHTNINGFASTBlueC.gif.a4a8a64a6028df790a51a0b621638708.gif     2041759504_LIGHTNINGFASTBlueM.gif.b09f2d1a691ab57dd6ad59b2e9e795db.gif


    EXTRA Versions
    1171559024_LIGHTNINGFASTRedC.gif.6f46ea43e1c67ed830cd3ef7f4fbcf87.gif     1068555417_LIGHTNINGFASTRedM.gif.d5475c2b0a9c17718271b05f859cee22.gif     1814139330_LIGHTNINGFASTRGBbubbleC.gif.2e4afd5f8f7233975db04d842702210b.gif     2067864572_LIGHTNINGFASTRGBbubbleM.gif.241fdcfded422d83386a7d38d7b63668.gif     355889093_LIGHTNINGFASTRGBM.gif.34d28de925fbf7ee53dcc00cbe96ee0e.gif    517759991_LightningRGBC.gif.f41c7ace436da3039b79442b61929694.gif

  3. FLOE WATER & FLOE TEXT (2nd of main 5)
    Filmed using my sister tea jar, strong LED lighting at the bottom, black background and adding water to create the bubble flow effect.
    The text was done on my phone using a pen to wright the text and add the effect, some are individual letters that's been edited together, removing the black background from the text allowed me to add the water effect to the background for some extra flow.


    Main set 2

    676074760_FLOETEXTColour.gif.bab72c6ecc241d99a3df605ace9aa2e8.gif     999422824_FLOETEXTColourM.gif.61eaf24b0f116370b57edfea7572222e.gif


    EXTRA Versions

    1720756253_FLOETEXTWhite.gif.43a4b847d97ec5e8db55ce7027839e84.gif     1611565078_FLOETEXTBlueM.gif.4f0adb7e374d31160f311aa5aff621e9.gif  2118924507_FLOETEXTRGBdark.gif.ae140e0f7db45081b7297596d2ae8e59.gif     85356826_FLOETEXTRGBM.gif.1fde156544a3d0b3f1986a11b83d540f.gif     1391998867_FLOETEXTRGB.gif.eafac22a90436c3ca873ef8f065397c2.gif

  4. All my themes are mostly based on the product they're intended for and the main purpose of the Floe RC, cooling and waterflow.

    SANTA SNOW FLOE (1st of main 5)
    As its close to Christmas and Christmas is normally the coldest part of the year in the UK, I thought I would do a snow and Santa theme.

    I like to try different things and I'm never 100% happy most the time, so i have a couple of versions of many of the GIFs for people to pick from if they like them, fake snow, real snow, Santa and no Santa versions.

    Filmed using Tt RGB LED strips, fake snow on the ground, fake falling snow and most have animated snow falling or none.
    Several speeds and lighting conditions create the different effects.

    Main set 1 
    571493203_Lettersonly01cou.gif.a749d7c0dd6d20d95a91bcca7702223a.gif              1649860655_SantasideM.gif.e42a174ef039ae6e4e28563e06038bfe.gif

    EXTRA versions
    1135662573_SANTASNOWFLOEtextsnow1.gif.c73c647b5a04e202b724be1b0f4e0a5a.gif     1148486703_SANTASNOWFLOEtextsnow2.gif.77ea52f2ad603d1aa2e2ac3d66001aa8.gif     1442181122_SANTASNOWFLOEtextfakesnow.gif.2f2e89e5abf993a362effe0dfc45b32a.gif     607728613_Santaback2.gif.6df87e9e81fd0a87129ab9b87c9cdef4.gif     2059966405_NoSnowsanta.gif.214ef54942b563bf302cbf7574c60d94.gif     833884306_LettersonlyC.gif.3b5e8fa6aa2dfa67ce5d21589fa07d71.gif     1801907960_LettersonlyM.gif.65dbc0bcd19042396a07993529e1255c.gif


  5. So this has been more challenging than I though but always fun to try something new so thanks to Tt for the invite.

    I will finish of this progress log then get the finals posted asap.

    Things used for this project were, 3D printing, RGB and LED lighting, fake snow, jars, water, mobile phone/tablet, fans, balls, ice, photoshop and a couple of video editors.

    Starting of with one of my favourites, the fake snow :)


    Part of the same GIF theme needed some 3D printing.








    They also needed some RGB lighting so as I have a couple of TT RGB strips and controllers I was sorted.




    My movie set, ready to be covered with the fake snow after adding the letters and blocking of unwanted light with some foil.





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