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  1. On 27-8-2017 at 10:55 AM, cygnes82517 said:

    Same issue here.. What i had to do was get another riiing fan with a controller and use the controller that came with the fan.. NOT the hardware one as you can control the fan speed with it.. 


    Does mean the lights dont sync.. But since i only have mine static its not a problem.


    Case is great but has some fundamental design flaws thats for sure.

    By sync you mean sync to the RGB at the front?

  2. The View 28 RGB Riing edition came with one Riing RGB fan and a controller at the back that runs at constant 12V through molex, but is there a way to run the fan at a lower rpm and keeping the RGB? I saw some packs came with a controller but I can't find any seperate controllers to buy. I'm trying to just lower the rpm as the fan is just a bit too loud. I can't attach them to PWM headers on the motherboard as the fan uses a 5-pin instead of a 3 or 4-pin.

  3. I just installed a system in the View 28 Riing edition and it's absolutely stunning. The only downside is that the Riing fan on the back is too loud. I hooked it up to the controller on the back that syncs the front RGB to the fan RGB. The fan has a 5-pin so I can't connect it to a motherboard header while having my LED's set to my choice. Is there a way to make the fan spin slower?

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