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  1. The Fan Xpert 3 software has adjustable fan profiles like the Fan Control software so that isn't a big issue to me. However, it doesn't show the pump speed or the water temperature like the Fan Control software does. I guess I could uninstall the Fan Xpert 3 software and see if the Fan Control software will then be able to connect to the Water 3.0 Extreme.
  2. I downloaded Revo Uninstaller and was able to uninstall the Fan Control Software. However, when I reinstall the Fan Control Software and run it, the software tells me that it can not connect to the device. I checked the cooler's USB cable and it is firmly seated in the motherboard USB socket. Could my ASUS Rampage V Extreme's Fan Xpert 3 software be interfering with the Thermaltake Fan Control Software somehow?
  3. @ HappyBuddhaman - Please post pictures if you can. I'll be buying that USB expansion card shortly and am curious as to your mounting solution.
  4. I already tried uninstalling the sw in safe mode. I get an error message stating that windows installer service is not accessible in safe mode.
  5. The problem is the fan control software will not let me uninstall it. I've tried the windows uninstall in the control panel and the uninstaller on the fan control software disc. Neither will work. The InstallShield Wizard tells me that it was interrupted before the uninstall could be completed in both cases. FYI, I do have a ASUS Rampage V Extreme motherboard with the AI Suite 3 control software that includes their FanXpert 3 fan control software. That software seems to be controlling the Water 3.0 Extreme.
  6. @ HappyBuddhaman - That looks like it will work for me. How have you mounted that in your case? @ThermalMike - I am already aware of 1x cards fitting in 16x slots and could do that except all my PCI-E slots are either full or blocked.
  7. Unfortunately, with a SLI build, the second graphics card covers up the PCI-E 1X slot. Ideally, a Y splitter that I can plug into the motherboard USB socket would keep everything internal. Anyone know where I can find a splitter for 10 pin USB?
  8. The Fan Control Software worked before but I am now getting a "USB Connection Lost" warning down by the side tab where the pull-out menu for the software is. In addition, when I double-click the Fan Control Software icon, it does not open up the window for the software. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Fan Control Software but it still doesn't open properly and I'm still getting the "USB Connection Lost" message. FYI, I can still open the pull-out menu that is located down in the lower right-hand corner of the monitor and change the fan speeds. Any thoughts as to what I should do next?
  9. Can you post a link showing an example of your recommendation regarding an internal solution? I really want to keep this internal with no cables coming out of the computer.
  10. I'm working on my new build and bought a Level 10 GT case for the following: ASUS Rampage V Extreme LGA 2011 v3 motherboard Intel i7 5820K 6-core cpu 32 GB of Ripjaws 4 DDR4 memory 2 Zotac GTX 980 AMP! Omega graphics cards Samsung 850 Pro 1 TB SSD EVGA Super NOVA 1000 W power supply Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme cpu liquid cooling system My problem is the Level 10 GT has two 10-pin USB cables feeding the four USB 2.0 ports on the front panel. The Rampage V Extreme has two 10-pin USB sockets on the board. Unfortunately, the fan control for the Water 3.0 Extreme requires it be plugged into one of the 10-pin USB sockets and the Rampage V Extreme's Overclocking Module needs the other leaving me with no sockets left to plug in the front panel USB cables. Anyone have any ideas how to get around this? TIA!
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