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  1. So I solved the problem myself: Fortunately, I still had the sync controller at home and then connected a maximum of two fans to each PWM port, as soon as you connect 3 quad fans, the LEDs no longer work ... Thermaltake You really have some catching up to do with clarification your customers ... I always feel like a beta tester ...
  2. Ive got explicit the same issue with win 10 2004 ... how can i resolve this problem? Ive updated my Bios Deinstalled USB Device but still the same Problems ...
  3. Hey Tt! will there be any waterblock for the new Generation RTX Videocards for release ? Greets
  4. I have to get rid of that: Apart from the myriad of problems and bugs I still had to realize that if the software is running the performance of my PC is absolutley slowed down as an example I have immense frame drops thanks to the software as well as the 3D Mark Benchmark my points are sinking like 2000 points in Timespy... how can that be possible?!!! Specs: i9 9900K @ 5GHz 2x RTX 2080Ti 32GB RAM @ 4133MHz Timespy with TT Software: https://www.3dmark.com/spy/5679532 Timespy without TT Software: https://www.3dmark.com/s
  5. Hello Community, I have just set up a new system and have found that the TT RGB software does not display the temperature (Temp 0) I've already tried as administrator but unfortunately no success. Installed and already deleted data in AppData / ... no success. Every new system a new mistake with this thermaltake stuff I used the last Software Version and i use a Threadripper 1920x with the MSI X399 MEG Mainboard ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:System: MSI MS-7B92 = 4.24399e-314---------------------- ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:CPU [#0]: AMD Ryzen Th
  6. Yes, that's exactly my problem, in most cases my graphics card is warmer than the CPU and so the fans turn up quite late and so the temperature of the GPU goes up and the clock rates go down ...: ( I really like the fans though so that's almost unbearable for me :(
  7. Thanks this fixed the Problem so my last two questions: 1. How i can tell the Software to start with windows MINIMIZED ? its annoying to minimze it manually all the time when windows start 2. it is possible to manage the temperature PWM control with a Fan Curve or to choose Temp from GPU ?
  8. Thank you ! This fixed the Problem and i found out why... if switched the language to german then the settings go crazy... so now i will let it on english can you also explain me why i cant choose RGB Lumi Stipe on Controller 3? He only shows Trioo ... has the Lumi a different controller ?
  9. Fixed the Video... Sorry for that Ive installed the last Software from you Homepage 1.2.3 the Problem ist that if I change Lightmode in cant switch back I dont know whats the fault. Windows 10
  10. Does anyone have a solution for me?
  11. Thank you Thermalmike for your reply, ive made a video where you can see that after i change the color i cant choose "Welleneffekt" anymore ... and the Controller 3 which is connected to the RGB Plus Stripes i cant choose the right Device. Video Software Version 1.2.3 F 3.0.1 Windows 10
  12. Thank your very much for these extremly good looking fans, but i have a problem in the RGB Plus Software, if i switch Colormodes after a while i cant choose "Waveeffect" enymore ... why ? can anyone help me out?
  13. Hello, actually i have a Problem with the PWM based Fan Speed Adjusting, the Fans jump always from 520 to -> 800-900 for 1-5 Seconds ... while the CPU temperature goes for this seconds high ... is there just a possibility to add a "buffer" p.e. costant RPM for 30 sec or something like this ? i hope someone can recognize my problem
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