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  1. There are two different Riing softwares from Thermaltake. Did you try both, just to be sure? I had the same error message when I tried the Riing RGB instead of the Riing Plus software. E.g.: Riing RGB Software: Download from TT Riing Plus Software: Download from TT
  2. Indeed, this sounds like a very similar problem. Too bad that I could not find an USB connector on my mainboard that worked with the controller (or vice versa). I've just asked to return the fans. But thanks for confirming that I'm not the only one with this problem!
  3. If nobody has an idea, I guess I'll just return the whole thing and will try Corsair LED fans instead.
  4. Hi, I just bought a set of 3 Riing Plus 14 TT Premium fans with controller, and installed everything. All fans light up in changing colors, all but one fans start rotating (different issue). I then installed the software (first the wrong Riing RGB software (which couldn't find the controller), then the correct software). However, the Riing Plus software doesn't start. Or, to be precise: After starting the software, the Task Manager shows that "TT Riing Plus RGB (32bit)" is running. But nothing happens. No windows pops up, I cannot see/click/configure anything. The software uses 23 MB of RAM, and that's it. Any hint on what I could do in order to get the software working would be highly appreciated! Thanks.
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