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  1. Hi Sir, can you help me to double check that connects the 4-pin USB cable line to 9 pin header on the motherboard? thanks power: 4-pin USB cable line motherboard: 9-pin header
  2. Hi, I will suggest you use our TTMod Sleeved cable which is suitable for all TT power supplies and there are plenty of colors to choose here is the info https://www.thermaltake.com/psu.aspx
  3. Hi, what we think it should support the ASUS M4A78T-E So, can you help to install the PSU to another PC system to test whether the Power Supply work or not? If not, please find following for customer service support USA/Canada/South America: support@thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com Europe: support@thermaltake.de Australia/ New Zealand: rma@thermaltake.com.au International Global Customers: info@thermaltake.com
  4. Hi Sir, can you privately share me your email address and I will help you to check for you sorry for causing you inconvenience
  5. Hi Sir, yes, you need to run both the ATX 16-Pin and the 14-Pin to trigger the motherboard can you help me to check if the PSU is running or not when your monitor is black? meanwhile, please share us your PC spec - Motherboard - CPU - VGA - RAM - OS version thanks
  6. Hi, thanks for your feedback, we will share your ideas with our product team
  7. Hi, can you help me to check you connect to the USB 9-pin port as shown in the following picture our power supply have to connect to 9-pin USB port
  8. Hi, can you tell me the model name of the power supply and motherboard? meanwhile, can you try to connect the USB line into another USB 9-pin port on motherboard again? thank you
  9. Hi Anton, if you open the screw on PSU case, that would affect your 10 years warranty here I will suggest you wait for our new product, we will have a new one soon to meet your expectation thank you
  10. hi everyone, sorry for the delay, we will have a new update really soon thanks for your patience
  11. Hi, we didn't provide customized modular power sleeved cable for sales, would you consider to use extension sleeved cable for use? here we have multiple colors to choose, please find following for product info https://www.thermaltake.com/psu.aspx
  12. hi, sorry for the late reply, we had been worked for weeks on our new version of DPS G PC APP (with new UI), and we are about to launch this feature on next version around mid of December. thanks for your patience, we are working on it right now BR
  13. Hi, sorry for causing you trouble, can you try to use another USB line to see if it works for not? you can find at following for our customer service info, they can help you to change one for you USA/Canada/South America: support@thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com Europe support@thermaltake.de Australia/ New Zealand rma@thermaltake.com.au International Global Customers: info@thermaltake.com
  14. Hi, the pin define of 6-pin male SATA and 8-pin female connector are different so here I will suggest you if you have available peripheral (4-pin female connector) on power supply, you can buy the connector which comes into connecting with SATA and peripheral hope it can help you out
  15. Hi, sorry for causing you inconvenience, this cable line is not for sale, and it should be put in the box can you PM me your email address? and I will ask our customer service to help you
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