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  1. Look: Thermalmike told me, there is special AMD-Chipset version of the Riing Plus Controller available via you local Thermaltake support :-)
  2. Hi! I'm using 3 Riing Plus Controllers, daisy-chained via the USB extension cables. with 12 devices (fans & pumps). The dasiy chain cables being way to short to span the width of my Core P7 case, I hat to extend the cables. The on-board double USB 2.0 connectors of my Gigabyte X399 (Threadripper 1950X) didn't work at all, so I used a rear USB 2.0 port with a USB micro cable. After the system starts, I have to unplug an replug each controller from the Molex 5/12V power cable, in order for the Riing Plus Software (v 1.1.3) to find the controllers. Then everything works fine. It seems to be a design issue with the controllers, if power comes from USB and the power plug simultaneously, they behave erratically. My pramgmatic solution: I built a delay module, that delays the 5V and 12V going to the Riing Plus controllers by 2 seconds when the PC starts. The Riing Plus RGB TtPremium Edition Software sees all 12 devices on system startup! Now I'm happy. But Thermaltake should really work on this issue. By the way, the 3-button RGB controllers for the Pacific RGB fittings should be upgraded, so they can also be controlled from the Riing Plus software. Cheers!
  3. Hi rasmaral do you have foam bubbles in the reservoir? If yes, a foam prevention additive can help. Make sure the inlet tube in the reservoir is tighly screwed on to prevent turbulences and air injection. Hope that helps.
  4. Hi fireedo, I recommend you to rewire the tubes, the output flow of the pump should go into the radiator, which will cool down the liquid and then directly to the CPU block. The pump actually adds friction heat to the liquid. Hope that helps.
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