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  1. Yeah, that's very helpful, it gave me ideas. From the pics on the sellers' sites it's difficult to judge the space behind the motherboard because they look very flat, but an SSD custom mounted there with velcro (or something else that's not affected much by temperatures) shouldn't take up much space, they are very slim.
  2. I've got a similar problem. I want to put an SSD and an HDD in the case, but also a vertical 360 radiator on the right. That would prevent me from using the HDD cases and the two brackets on the cable mounting space...
  3. Hi, I'm new and I'm here because I'd like to buy a Thermaltake View 71 but I'd like to know it better before giving out my money. My problem is the following: I'd like to buy the aforementioned case and I'd like to put a 360 cpu AIO radiator inside it, on the right vertical mount beside the motherboard. Let's say I'd like the radiator to be a Thermaltake (water or floe series doesn't matter much in this example), because I like luminescent radiators (otherwise I wouldn't bother with an aquarium glass walled case). Now for the questions: 1) being the radiator tubes 326mm long, will it reach the cpu on an ATX motherboard if I put it on the right vertical mount (I think so but I want to be sure, given the costs)? 2) more importantly, since a radiator in the right mount would render the two hidden HDD mounts there useless (because otherwise they would stop the airflow) and would completely obliterate the accessible HDD mounts, is there a way for me to put both an SSD (installation) and an HDD (storage and backup) inside the case? I know one of them, let's say the HDD, could go on the third "hidden" mount on the other side of the motherboard, but what about the other? Considering I'm a traditionalist and I'll mount the graphics card on the motherboard, are there other options for the second drive, maybe in the vertical mount?
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