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  1. yeah i tried that too but it is not working as anticipated and consistently..sometimes the particular error happens sometimes not...so for the moment I am happy with my current setup..now am trying to figure out the 'no sound card error'. works fine with my asus xonar essence stx card but the function would not work with the built in motherboard relatek audio driver (latest driver).
  2. After more than three months trying to figure out the problem, I almost gave up on Riingplus RGB Fan Software with it's infamous "Error Code:H_0x0001",. Did every thing I possibly can based on solutions offered on the net, update BIOS etc. Unplugging the controller's power socket and plug it in again to make it work is really ridiculous. Now i have found the solution and it works . I used a USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 converter to connect the controller USB 2.0 header and plug it into the onboard USB3.1 header on my Asus Maximus X formula. Another tip is DO NOT use the windows 10 hibernate/sleep function, or the Error Code:H_0x0001 will rear its ugly head again.
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