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  1. kewlmunky

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    Looking forward to the new app
  2. The TT Sync controller is a 9 port version of yours, but without the physical buttons. You will have to contact Thermaltake to get the 5 port controller. I don't know what they will charge if they will sell you it separately. If you plan to get more fans you could just order a 3 pack. But if your case came with more than 2 fans you won't be able to use them all as the included controller supports only up to 5. I don't really understand why they don't include the standard 5 port controller with their cases that come with their addressable LED fans, being it isn't sold separately.
  3. That controller does not interact with Thermaltake's RGB Plus software. The lighting can be controller either by the physical buttons or by your motherboard's RGB software (in this case MSI Mystic Light Sync).
  4. kewlmunky

    Fans out of sync.

    After you have fan 1 set with the others on "Copy Color", click the Save button in the upper right corner and everything should be working together. As long as you have your fans plugged into the controller in the correct order in relation to their physical position on your case, the Aurora color effect should transition from one fan to the next in order. So they actually won't all be the same color at the same time with that effect as it isn't the intention. If you set them each individually to Aurora and then hit save you might get them to be the same color and transition in sync. The front of the Trio fans is the more open side without the "throwing star" looking support backing. The fans take air in from the more open side and push it out the side with the support backing. So if you put these fans up front for intake, the nicer looking open side will face out the front of the case.
  5. kewlmunky

    Riing Plus 12. Massive RGB problems

    As much of a pain it is to get ahold of thermaltake support, ask them if you can get a replacement controller.
  6. Hello. All of the 5 port controllers will need to be either connected to a USB 2.0 header on your motherboard, or daisy chained to another controller. Then you will need to ensure each controller has a unique number (should logically do 1 - 3) via the four dip switches on the back. You included instructions will tell you how to set the numbers. Each Controller will also need to have it's own molex power cable hooked up as well. Let me know if you have done all of this.
  7. kewlmunky

    Is the Sync fan controller dangerous?

    Are you talking about the 9 port TT Sync controller to control the lights with motherboard software via the 5V RGB header? Only the fan lights are powered and controlled from that. You will have to plug additional 4pin PWM headers between the TT Sync controller and fan headers on the motherboard to power and control the fans. The fans will then be controlled via BIOS.
  8. kewlmunky

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    I always wondered if it was possible to change the direction of the effects and if one could change the number assigned to each LED. I know that it is simple to figure out the correct orientation of each fan, but if someone accidentally (or even due to needing the cables placed differently) installed a fan(s) misaligned, it would be nice to be able to correct it in the software and not have to physically move the fan(s). It would be interesting what one could do with the flow effect if one could change the assigned order of the LEDs. I really need more spare time. I'm so sick of computer work by the time I leave the office that I never even want to do any personal projects when I get home
  9. kewlmunky

    TT Sync Controller

    Have you tried running the fans on the cooler with the 5 port controller that runs with Thermaltake's software? If they won't light up on there either I would then RMA the fans. Which unfortunately means trying to contact support.
  10. kewlmunky

    TT Sync Controller

    Does the lighting work on your water cooler's block/pump that sits over your CPU?
  11. kewlmunky

    TT Sync Controller

    Unfortunately their customer service is atrocious. When I initially had issues I emailed them twice and left two voicemails in a week. Then I came on the forums and posted about my issue and finally was answered by their main forum support ThermalMike. He doesn't seem to be as active on here as he used to be, though. What do you still have a question on; If the ASUS cable will work with your ASRock board? RGB header cables are most commonly found in two flavors; 12V and 5V. The TT Sync controller is rated for 5V RGB headers. So as long as the cable is for a 5V header and the header on your ASRock board is a 5V one, I can't imagine any issues occuring. Though it would ultimately be up to ASRock to determine this, as you are wanting to use it on their motherboard.
  12. kewlmunky

    RGB 1.2.51 fault

    @ThermalMike any insight?
  13. kewlmunky

    TT RGB 1.2.52 crashes

    Same goes for me. The software was working flawlessly for me for versions 1.4-1.2.51. Updated last night and it crashed. I only tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, and it still caused me to crash. I did not try deleting the AppData folder it makes because I did not want to lose my settings. I simply reinstalled an older version I still have the installer for. Though it is a couple revisions back as I've just been letting the application update. I guess from here on out I will have to make sure to grab an installer of the application for each update to ensure I can revert back to a recent version should a new one prove problematic.
  14. kewlmunky

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    I wasn't suggesting it as a permanent solution, but as a way to skirt the problem until it can be resolved.
  15. kewlmunky

    I think my controller died after one day

    Unfortunately, I do not see that controller listed in their store. The closest I can find is this one: https://ttpremium.com/product/riing-plus-rgb-controller/ But I do not believe it will be compatible with your fans. You would be best off contacting customer support and see about getting a replacement controller.
  16. kewlmunky

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    You could setup a scheduled task to restart the service every time you boot and/or login. Then you wouldn't have to do it yourself
  17. kewlmunky

    TT Sync Controller

    Sorry, I forgot about this thread. Yes, your PWM cables will nead to go to motherboard headers and the fan speeds will be regulated by your BIOS. The RGB header cable needs to go to a 5V header.
  18. kewlmunky

    Can 9 fan controller daisy chain?

    If you only have one RGB header, check this thread for how to get two of them working:
  19. kewlmunky

    Alternative to TT RGB software

    Try setting the service to a delayed start and see if that works.
  20. kewlmunky

    TT Sync Premium - RGB fan illumination issues

    I would start an RMA with them. They should only require you to send in the single defective fan.
  21. kewlmunky

    TT AIO cooler plus riing 12 3 pack radiator fan issue

    Yes. The second link is for fans that are the same type that came with your AIO cooler. They will match aesthetically and will also have the same type of 5 port controller. You will then be able to control both of them inside Thermaltake's software.
  22. kewlmunky

    RGB 1.2.51 fault

    Interesting. That sounds like an oversight on the programming side of things. They must not have anticipated their audience to have computers that they share with others.
  23. kewlmunky

    TT AIO cooler plus riing 12 3 pack radiator fan issue

    I believe the regular Riing fans use a different version of the software. They also don't have individually addressable LEDs like those included in your cooler, thus making them not compatible in the sense that you won't be able to synchronize the lights together in the software. I would recommend you send back the Riing fans and purchase a 3 pack of the Riing Plus fans, as that is the type of fan that came with the cooler.
  24. kewlmunky

    TT Sync Premium - RGB fan illumination issues

    Did you try 5 working fans on the Sync controller again, without the alleged defective one? I would do that first to ensure your Sync controller is in working order. Then I would open an RMA for the bad fan.
  25. kewlmunky

    Fan Controller - View 37 RGB

    Being the 9 port TT Sync controller doesn't officially have a way to chain multiple together it would be interesting if the 3 port controller, being motherboard software controlled, would then allow chaining to 5 port hubs and control of all those devices. It may allow the control of more than 9 devices, via motherboard software, without shady workarounds. I'll be interested in what they have to say.