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  1. The header they are connected to are probably controlled by a different zone. Have you checked bios or fan xpert(I think that is what the software it uses) to see how that pwm header its configured.
  2. It gets its rgb data from a 5v argb header on your motherboard and fan speed from the pwm header. Some questions so I can help you: How do you have it hooked up? Post some pics if you can. What motherboard do you have? What header on said motherboard do you have the pwm corresponding with the riing 20 connected to?
  3. Np. I got the 1000D very roomy, nice and lots of options.
  4. Usb 3.1 gen 2 header for your usb c port on the front of your case
  5. You have everything set to lumi plus. You will need to click the blue arrow and select your fan model.
  6. Honestly it sound like you need to do a rma and request a new controller. The fans should spin even if configured incorrectly. The fact that it changes when you re-seat thing is very odd. Might want to look over the power connector to the controller. RMA Support (North America): https://support.thermaltake.com/RMA_Agreement.aspx RMA Support (Global): https://my.thermaltake.com/csErma.aspx
  7. Sadly the fan spacing in that case will not provide a good location for a lcs setup. The top two fans are spaced to the point that they do not fit a rad properly. That would have been the only viable spot.
  8. Contact Thermaltake support they should get you fixed up real quick. You can also possibly get a exchange from amazon. Here is a USA/Canada rma link https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003056047-Warranty-Claim-RMA-Request Here is a global rma link https://my.thermaltake.com/csErma.aspx
  9. By what you have said it sounds like you have tried all you can. I would submit a rma request to get them replaced. Do you have a rad on the top?
  10. Can you post some pics of how you have it set up and a screenshot of the software. Also what are your system specs
  11. Its a known issue. I hope they fix it as well.
  12. so it was working fine but then after restart it went back to not working? can you take a pic of how its hooked up and a screenshot of the tt rgb software. what are your system spec?
  13. Are the four that are not working on the same controller?
  14. Unfortunately in that situation it is hard to say. It could go both ways.
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