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  1. Aaaaa that looks like a dupont connector.... Why would the use that. I bet the connection seems loose. Can you try "lightly" pressing the connector on the one of the outer long side and see if the lighting changes(more info below). I do urge lightly press not push don't want to go bending pins. Just attempting to see if maybe the data line has a bad connection as that is the wrong connector to use on most rgb header. press near where the connector meets the motherboard in the direction of the arrows. and let me know if anymore leds on the fans come on when doing so. Edit: Just took a pic of the pin size difference to give you a idea of what could be the issue.
  2. can you take a clear close up pic of where the rgb connects to the motherboard just want to see how the wires are configured
  3. Have you tried uninstalling tt rgb plus and deleting the tt folder at C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Roaming\Tt. Then reinstalling the software.
  4. If the first cable you are talking about looks like this Then yes that would be the usb c port. I sort of wish they used the newer usb 3.1 gen 2 header on it but I can see why they didn't. As for the mic and speaker 3.5mm jacks on the front they use a cable that look the same as a usb 2.0 header but have a different pinout. It should say "HD AUDIO" on it but might not. and that connects to this port on your motherboard
  5. It should be working with what you have. Can you post some pics of how you have it hooked up. Maybe I can spot something you might have overlooked.
  6. What motherboard do you have?
  7. Ok lets start off at basics. You are holding the rgb button for 3-4 seconds to turn it on to motherboard sync correct? If that is a yes can you post a pic of how it is connected to the motherboard. Also the TTRGBPlus will not work as you are not using that ecosystem as it requires a controller for that.
  8. ahh ok so that controller connects to you motherboard via a usb 2.0 header. You should have a cable that looks like this. The cable has a usb 2.0 dupont connector on one side and 2x micro usb connectors on the other. Only one micro usb connector is used per controller now that should connect to your motherboard Then the controller will have a micro usb connector on it. After that hook up the fans and power. Then download the software here https://www.thermaltake.com/riing-12-rgb-radiator-fan-tt-premium-edition.html
  9. I don't own this case so cant work out the circuit to be sure and could be completely wrong just sort of guessing as to what would use a 4pin cable That connector could to be for the option to use your digital rgb header on your motherboard. So you can use the motherboards software to control the case lighting. However with the lack labeling it is hard to call and would not attempt without checking if it is supplying voltage . on the other hand it could be outputting a rgb signal so if you want to add a rgb strip in your pc however it does seem to be lacking in any information as to this connector. Did any adapter come with the case accessory that connects to that? if one of you have a multimeter you can check the voltage on the 2 outer pins using the case as a ground
  10. So your case wants a 5v digital rgb signal that consisting of 5v+, data and ground. Now your motherboard has 2 non-digital rgb headers that consist of 12v+, green, red and blue. So you motherboard is not compatible with the rgb of that case and if you try and connect them anyways you will fry some stuff. Now that being said you can buy a adapter to make them work with your motherboard however they will only display a single color. The adapter that i know of that would allow you to do this is called a DEEP COOL RGB Convertor. Here is a amazon link to that in the https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QPYSC82 again that will only display a single color. Now that being said I dont know what connecter the fans in that case have. If they have the standard rgb plus connector then you could get a rgb/riing plus controller and use the rgb plus software. but this will make the rgb controls build into the case useless. diagram of rgb headers from mobo manual diagram of rgb connectors from case manual
  11. So if you go red they have green and purple showing? I would check all the connections make sure that are good. do the wave mode appear correctly? What mode to they just turn off?
  12. What is the exact rgb hub of the riing 12 your are talking here. Thermaltake has many models of riing 12 with controlled/hubs some you can connect to the mobo some you cant. Now are we talking riing 12 first gen, riing 12 premium editions, riing 12 sync editions or something else, please elaborate.
  13. not too sure of any videos. Could you post some pics of how its hooked up?
  14. How long have you had it. It does sound like a air bubble. What cpu do you have and what temps are you getting.
  15. The rgb runs off 5v and the fans run off 12v. Now are all the fans not spinning or just one?
  16. Yah its not over done and not to thin. Didn't have a noticeable temp change when I went to arctic Used it on my 7800x for about a month before I had to rma my motherboard. As for the cooler itself been going strong for over a year now
  17. By the sound of that I would rma it. If you want no down time I think they have a advanced rma that will send you the replacement first. They will put a hold on a card for the amount. Once you send your old one back the hold will be released. what region do you live in I don't know much about the rma process in other regions but in NA the best link is https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003056047-Warranty-Claim-RMA-Request
  18. It is a pre-applied pad. It did well my in testing and I have seen much worse. I had to rma my motherboard so ended up using some arctic cleaner and arctic silver 5 on it
  19. That is correct the riing system runs of 5v. I will do some testing but I believe you can mod this pull the 5v and ground from your psu and just pull data from the rgb header. I will test it this soon and let you know. I would not attempt this unless you know what you are doing. If it works I will post pics on how to do it.
  20. Responses are normally fast what region are you in?
  21. Double check the controllers you would be getting a duplicate number error if they were left factory default on both controllers. Not a controller number 16 warning. I think you have your setup like this
  22. the program needs to be running. you can make it so it does not open on desktop and just stays on your taskbar tray buy doing the following right click the TT rgb icon on the taskbar tray you will see a option that says "Run TT RGB Plus Program when Windows starts" It has a box next to it click it. If the box is solid like below it will open on your desktop at startup If the box is hollow like below it will start on the taskbar tray.
  23. can you post pic of how you have your switches on your controllers.
  24. The pump is controlled by your motherboard via the cpu header. Your motherboard should have some software that allows to control the cpu fan header or you can do it in most cases via bios. The noise may be because the header is not set to see it as a pump so might be doing some strange rpm changes thinking its a fan. Sounds like you have one of your controllers set to be identified as controller number 16. Check the switches on your controller and see if they are inline with this. As for the error in most cases it because of a unused port on the controller that has yet to be disabled via the software. You disable the unused ports by clicking the on the unused slots in most cases they will have a warning on them. But it might be your pump that you have yet to identify yet. How many controllers are you running?
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