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  1. Being that you tried both controllers. When they stop working do you get any device disconnected sound or notification? Are you using the same power cable when testing both controllers. Are you using the power cable that came with it and does it have mesh around the wires? You might also want to try doing a full uninstall\reinstall of the tt rgb software. Uninstall it like normal but after that delete(*) the Tt folder at C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Roaming\Tt. Then install it like normal. If you cant find the AppData folder as windows has it hidden by default settings type
  2. Not as of yet. I am hoping to get a few people to post or pm me videos of it to share with the TT staff to try and expedite solving this. But none so far.
  3. To be honest I think that is a error. A pci slot on standard cases is 4~inches or 100mm so almost every gpu including the one they have shown in demos and on the product page would be beyond that 110mm limit. I aswell don't see anything that would limit it to the 110mm stated. The only thing I can think of is in the vertical orientation the rear fan might be a issue but I still think that is beyond the 110mm mark but I could be wrong.
  4. Yes you motherboard is compatible. Each 3 fans is controlled by one rpm header. so it will use 3 fan headers and only show 3 rpm readings. Yes it will work with smart fan it will just act like one fan but copy to the 2 other corresponding fans to that side of the sync controller.
  5. I would recommend connecting both them the same way. With usb and power and just make sure the dip switches are configured correctly. If you use the bridge connection you will still need power if you do that. However I found it to be more stable with a usb going to each controller using the provided Y cable.
  6. You could get a Sync controller and do away with the tt rgb software. If your motherboard has a compatible rgb header.
  7. Sadly I don't think so. One would have to be a 360. I Think the rads in this pic are 60mm so you can see the top right it would be a issue.
  8. Can you post some pic of how you have it hooked up.
  9. Had to help someone with the same issue last month If you want them not to mirror you will need to make a different profiles for the each controller. On the TTRGB app you will see in the top right profiles 1-5. So if you set controller 1 to profile1, controller 2 to profile2 and so on. Then configure each profile how you want the fans/accessories to be. Make sure you save after each profile you configure.
  10. I don't think they have one. I am in the US an have never registered a product. Just keep your receipt. If anything comes up you upload a copy of your receipt during the rma process and that is all they need.
  11. What model fans are we talking about?
  12. yes that is the wrong controller for those fans. The one you need is for the Riing plus fans it looks like this.
  13. You are correct the fans should spin regardless of the software just might not be able to react correctly under load. Can you post some pics of how you have it hooked up. As for the no cpu fan detected that would be bios setting that need tweaking as you should be able to use that aio header without the error.
  14. Thanks happy to hear that. On another note if anyone has any videos showing 1.3.4 opening up randomly can you post them here. I just want to make sure that what I found to cause it is the same as what others are experiencing. From what I am hearing it might have different causes so more evidence the better we are for a fix to come.
  15. Yes you will need to connect the 2nd pwm cable. As far as I know each pwm cable controls the 3 corresponding ports next to them.
  16. Sorry to step in here but that looks to be the wrong controller. The pic you posted here Shows 10 pin(8 used) dupont that are for the plus connectors connected to a controller that if I remember correctly only has a 5 pin connection. I am 90% sure that is a riing gen 1 controller. You need a gen 3 controller. Can you unplug one of those and take a pic of the controller.
  17. Is this the switch you are talking about if so its just a master power switch. It shuts off all power going to the pc. Completly different from the 115v - 220v switch that you are referring that would cause issues. I don't think that psu has a voltage switch. If that is not the switch you are talking about plz post a pic of the switch in question.
  18. Most crashed and issues are more often software conflicts or in amd's case not leaving well enough alone. I am currently using 4 controllers running 17 fans, 8 feet of rgb, flow aio and hot wired a Akasa rgb m.2 card to it. I have had no problems since when I first picked them up and had some conflicts but that was my issue not thermaltakes fault. Now your issues. Crashing and random opening The random opening is caused by a bug introduced in 1.3.4 and they are working on it. As for your crashing that is most likely a install issue or software conflict.
  19. don't know why you would go back to 1.3.0 but here you go https://file.thermaltake.com/file/software/TTRGBPlus_Setup_130_x64.zip or you can go one step back here to 1.3.3 https://file.thermaltake.com/file/software/TTRGBPlus_Setup_133_x64.zip
  20. on the bottom you should be able to put your hand in the gap (*this pic is a example your case will look different) hold the case so you don't pull it off what you have it on and give it a gentle but firm tug and it should pop off not many videos on youtube showing this here is the only one I found its at the 2:35 mark
  21. Already had a convo with ThermalMike about it. They are aware.
  22. They are currently working on a fix. I found one fix is to deselect "show on windows startup" this will cause it to open to the taskbar and not on screen. A more suitable fix is to go to 1.3.3 https://file.thermaltake.com/file/software/TTRGBPlus_Setup_133_x64.zip
  23. The opening up on boot and coming out of standby is due to it being set "show on windows startup". To disable that go to the taskbar right click the tt icon and deselect the show on windows startup
  24. Best bet would be to fill out a rma. Let them know what happened then they will probably give you options. USA/Canada https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003056047-Warranty-Claim-RMA-Request Global https://my.thermaltake.com/csErma.aspx
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