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  1. So the only real thing that stands out is that possible wine strain happened on the cable going to the waterblock. That red wire is looking pretty kinked/strained but no telling if that what is causing it. Sadly I think the only fix would be a rma as nothing other then that stands out to me.
  2. have you attempted to swap where the waterblock rgb is pluged in with one of the ports the fan is in? Also can you take a closer pic of this connector don't know if its the lighting just looks odd to me
  3. Known bug with the current version. I am sure they are working on a fix. The current temp fix is to go back to 1.3.3 https://file.thermaltake.com/file/software/TTRGBPlus_Setup_133_x64.zip
  4. Known bug with the current version. I am sure they are working on a fix. The current temp fix is to go back to 1.3.3 https://file.thermaltake.com/file/software/TTRGBPlus_Setup_133_x64.zip
  5. Can you post a pic of the controller
  6. Cmos will have nothing to do with this. Can you post some pics of how its all hooked up. Also are all the fans working correctly or are they having issue as well? Edit: can you also post a screenshot of the rgbplus software and what port do you have the waterblock plugged into on the controller
  7. Ahhhh gen 2. Mmmm I am not sure gen 2 is compatible with the gen 3 eco system. You might have to use the older software that was used with that controller http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/db/support/software/RiingRGBTTPremiumEdition_Setup.zip I did not really deal with gen 2 so not sure if they made it compatible with the plus software. I will look more in to this.
  8. have you tried hooking it up do a different port on the controller?
  9. known bug lets hope they fix it soon if you need 1.3.3 you can find it here https://file.thermaltake.com/file/software/TTRGBPlus_Setup_133_x64.zip
  10. huh that's odd they packed the wrong cable as that is useless to that set. I would contact support for a the cable. For the time being you can use just a standard micro usb to the back of the case. If you don't want to wait for a ome one you can find ones that will work on amazon but shipping seems to be delayed everywhere so who knows who will be faster.
  11. That looks like part of a sync edition. The sync editions use your motherboard rgb header for lighting and don't come with the controller that uses usb to communicate. Can you post a pic of everything that came with the floe riing 360 that you bought? Also where did you buy this maybe a mis-ship? Did it come with a controller that looks like this
  12. If you are running 1.3.4 it is a known bug. you can use 1.3.3 until they come up with a fix https://file.thermaltake.com/file/software/TTRGBPlus_Setup_133_x64.zip
  13. what version you running? If you are running 1.3.4 it is a known bug here is 1.3.3 link https://file.thermaltake.com/file/software/TTRGBPlus_Setup_133_x64.zip
  14. Tack

    GPU width

    ooo Yah I don't really see a fix for that if the gpu is to long with that case form factor
  15. Tack

    GPU width

    aaa what case do you have now?
  16. So is it the same fan/s that have the issue or does it alternate
  17. can you post pics of how you have it hooked up and what is your system specs?
  18. if your getting the error because you have nothing connected to 4 and 5 then you just need to click the little green circle it will turn red and will no longer seek a device on those slots. If you have fan on those slots and they are not detecting properly then you have other issues.
  19. https://file.thermaltake.com/file/software/TTRGBPlus_Setup_133_x64.zip
  20. Tack

    Level 20 Series

    Mine were tight when I first got the case on launch day. Over time they loosened up. In the end I would not be to worried about it as if anything happens your warranty will cover it and the module is easy to replace.
  21. How do you have your rad mounted? Sounds like air in the line.
  22. Ok so how many fans do you have? If the answer to that is 3 then what you need to do is click on the green circle on the 2 unused slots with the red warning symbol. once that is done it will stop trying to look for a fan on those ports.
  23. What fans do you have? You should be able to control your Thermaltake fans with it. You just have to make sure you have it set to the correct model on the software drop down
  24. not really a 100% way to do that. As long as each item you want to sync with each other have the same setting they should sync up close after boot as everything is software controlled. As for the names not saving it happens ever so often that I sort have become use to it. Sometime it helps if you press enter after entering the text.
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