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  1. try uninstalling the TT RGB software and deleting the Tt folder at C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Roaming\Tt if you cant find the AppData folder as windows has it hidden by default settings type %appdata% in the windows start menu search bar and press enter should open up the appdata folder. see if that gets it going again
  2. Have you had any attempts at reinstalling the TT RGB software?
  3. That is a odd one. I think your best bet would be to contact Thermaltake support for your region.
  4. If you want them not to mirror you will need to make a different profiles for the second controller. On the TTRGB app you will see in the top right profiles 1-5. So if you set controller 1 to profile1 and controller 2 to profile2. Then configure each profile how you want the fans/accessories to be. Make sure you save after each profile you configure.
  5. first off let me warn you to use a microfiber cloth on the glass as it can be scratched over time with multiple cleanings. Though its unlikely to happen right away once it does the leds make it very visible on the bottom you should be able to put your hand in the gap hold the case so you dont pull it off the desk and give it a gentle tug and it should pop off all the front panels for the level 20 type cases come off in the same way. Look at the video below at 0:52
  6. The Water 3.0 360 ARGB Sync does not use the software. The kit should of came with cables to hook up to the digital rgb header on your motherboard depending on brand(see pic). If you do not have a digital rgb header you will have to use that little manual controller. Anything that TT has "sync" in the name is desinged to be used without the rgb plus software and sync it with the motherboard via the digital rgb header.
  7. If your in the USA\Canada I would fill out a rma for that Here as that fan board sounds faulty. If your a different country let know and I will post the correct link corresponding with your country. They tend to be hit and miss on tech request and you will probably end up with the same outcome as just filling out the rma.
  8. Have you tried to calibrate the rgb in the Aura software?
  9. Tack


    The floe riing rgb 360 already has a thermal paste pad on it. You would need to remove that to use your own thermal paste. To remove the pad I would recommend Arctic clean.
  10. Sorry for the late response been busy. Yes I would uninstall the rgb plus software no point to keep it if you have nothing using it. As for the rgb can you take a close pic of where the ttsync is connected to the motherboard.
  11. O your using the tt sync controller. It does not use any thermaltake software it uses the 5v digital rgb header and a fan header to allow all the control to be done with your motherboards software. What motherboard model is that?
  12. Can you post some pics of how you have it hooked up. Also the error during install you can just ignore. On most computers c++ is already updated by windows update. They just include it just in case that a user does not have it updated.
  13. It is for the "G1/4 Stop Plug" item I in the manual
  14. Aaaaa that looks like a dupont connector.... Why would the use that. I bet the connection seems loose. Can you try "lightly" pressing the connector on the one of the outer long side and see if the lighting changes(more info below). I do urge lightly press not push don't want to go bending pins. Just attempting to see if maybe the data line has a bad connection as that is the wrong connector to use on most rgb header. press near where the connector meets the motherboard in the direction of the arrows. and let me know if anymore leds on the fans come on when doing so.
  15. can you take a clear close up pic of where the rgb connects to the motherboard just want to see how the wires are configured
  16. Have you tried uninstalling tt rgb plus and deleting the tt folder at C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Roaming\Tt. Then reinstalling the software.
  17. If the first cable you are talking about looks like this Then yes that would be the usb c port. I sort of wish they used the newer usb 3.1 gen 2 header on it but I can see why they didn't. As for the mic and speaker 3.5mm jacks on the front they use a cable that look the same as a usb 2.0 header but have a different pinout. It should say "HD AUDIO" on it but might not. and that connects to this port on your motherboard
  18. It should be working with what you have. Can you post some pics of how you have it hooked up. Maybe I can spot something you might have overlooked.
  19. What motherboard do you have?
  20. Ok lets start off at basics. You are holding the rgb button for 3-4 seconds to turn it on to motherboard sync correct? If that is a yes can you post a pic of how it is connected to the motherboard. Also the TTRGBPlus will not work as you are not using that ecosystem as it requires a controller for that.
  21. I don't own this case so cant work out the circuit to be sure and could be completely wrong just sort of guessing as to what would use a 4pin cable That connector could to be for the option to use your digital rgb header on your motherboard. So you can use the motherboards software to control the case lighting. However with the lack labeling it is hard to call and would not attempt without checking if it is supplying voltage . on the other hand it could be outputting a rgb signal so if you want to add a rgb strip in your pc however it does seem to be lacking in any informati
  22. So your case wants a 5v digital rgb signal that consisting of 5v+, data and ground. Now your motherboard has 2 non-digital rgb headers that consist of 12v+, green, red and blue. So you motherboard is not compatible with the rgb of that case and if you try and connect them anyways you will fry some stuff. Now that being said you can buy a adapter to make them work with your motherboard however they will only display a single color. The adapter that i know of that would allow you to do this is called a DEEP COOL RGB Convertor. Here is a amazon link to that in the https://www.amazon.com/
  23. So if you go red they have green and purple showing? I would check all the connections make sure that are good. do the wave mode appear correctly? What mode to they just turn off?
  24. not too sure of any videos. Could you post some pics of how its hooked up?
  25. How long have you had it. It does sound like a air bubble. What cpu do you have and what temps are you getting.
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