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  1. how many controllers do you have And can you take a pic of the switches on the controller\s
  2. Were the fans still spinning on the "dead" controllers and are any of your current controllers working properly.
  3. Whats line of fans do you have. What software version are you running. Also what are your system specs.
  4. Lol yah I dont know what they were thinking with that inline chip it causes more problems then it solves. But looks like your on top of it. Just reply here if any more issues arise.
  5. It should be fine with appcenter as I have been using the TT rgb plus software with appcenter and rgbfusion on my gigabyte board for well over a year now. The c++ error is normal it is just telling you it is already installed or a new version is installed. Now you did get replacement controllers correct? and do you still have the old one/s. @ThermalMike you have any ideas
  6. Before you do anything just go over your connections. Make sure power connector is seated all the way. Check usb connection or if you have a microusb cable you can try usning it from the back of your pc to the controller to test. do the fan look like they are spinning slow or at a decent speed. Can you post a pic of how you have it hooked up and a pic of the power cable that came with it.
  7. mmm so both controllers are having the same issue. and it looks like you have already been sent a replacement. Have you attempted to uninstall the TT Rgb plus software and delete the tt folder at C:\Users\*Your username*\AppData\Roaming\Tt Note: if you have profiles set up you can back them up if you want before deleting that folder. Just copy them from C:\Users\*Your username*\AppData\Roaming\Tt\RGBRiingPlus\RiingPlus
  8. Hey I saw that you posted on another thread, Have you tired what Mike posted above. Did you get a hold of support?
  9. Can you take a screenshot of the software and a pic how you have the fans hooked up to the controller
  10. The app should read the temp directly from the pc within the software automatically. The hwinfo being blank is odd to me. Strange that it it works with administrator. Seems like a permission issue. Have you tired uninstalling and reinstalling the software.
  11. Yes it will. As long as your fans are Riing plus.
  12. can you take a screenshot of the software when that comes up. Also on a side note you might get a message saying you cant post if that happens pm me as it happened to another user I was helping the other day and we had to solve it via pm's. Good old spam flood prevention.
  13. Did you get any errors from the software when you had it connected to the original controller. are you willing to hook it back up to the original controller. That way we are just dealing with thermaltake's software and not aura. This is so we can see if we can get the fans leds to work or if you might need to do a rma on them.
  14. Just to make sure I am on the same page. The leds dont work with both the standard controller using the tt rgb software and the tt sync controller using your motherboards rgb header and aura software. Did I get that right? How many riing plus fans do you have and what size. Also is it currently hooked up to the controller that came with it or the sync controller. Can you post a pic so I can see how it is currently hooked up. How long have you had the fans. O and what gpu do you have.
  15. Tack

    Level 20 XT

    Its between the glass and the case
  16. MMm You might want to try the latest software as the version you are using is quite old. Your running v1.0.2 the link below is for v2.1.5 its the latest version I could find. Not completely familiar with the non-plus riing fans. https://www.thermaltakeusa.com/db/support/software/RiingRGBTTPremiumEdition_Setup.zip
  17. Yah thats safe. what is the part number for your fans. Also can you post a screenshot of the software.
  18. Tack

    Level 20 XT

    Yah the big difference in cost between those fans is going to be features. The Riing leds are a digital system being each led is controlled independently. From what I have read the Enermax T.B RGB are a single color fan and run of a standard 12v,g,r,b system and are not software controlled by default. Have not really looked around at other fans as the Riing system does what I want it to do and achieves what I was aiming for in my build.
  19. What gpu do you have Have you uninstalled the rgb software and tried a fresh install. If so and it is still not working try uninstalling it and deleting the tt folder at C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Roaming\Tt then install the TT rgb software
  20. Tack

    Level 20 XT

    I think that setup would not be efficient. The 3 x 120mm on the front are most likely just going to pull air from inside the case and not from the front vents. The 8 x 120mm fans at the top will be able on their own move enough are to provide fresh air. I do recommend the rear fans as the top one increases the cpu heat sink exhaust and the bottom rear will help with hhd cooling The bottom of the case does not really need fans for a air cooling setup as the air being moved out of the case will be replaced and most of it will be pulled from the bottom. Adding the fans to th
  21. Tack

    Level 20 XT

    That is correct. You will have only a spot for 2 x 120mm on the bottom when all the hdds are in use.
  22. Tack

    Level 20 XT

    Here is what I mean The fans take the place of the hdd cage that holds 3 x hdd
  23. Tack

    Level 20 XT

    Depends as the bottom fan holders also serve as the hdd bay holders. So its 2x 120mm fans or 3 hdd/ssd's. I would say 6 with no hard drives using those bays .But the amount of air that the top will push out adding more to the bottom would be sort of overkill unless your pushing into a radiator.
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