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  1. Tom Horn

    NEW TR2 600W has no 4x4 plug

    Yes it is supposed to come with a 4x4 connector it even says so on the box. I need it to power up my mother board. All I need is a 12 volt a 5 volt and 2 grounds. I have a molex to 4x4 adapter is there and reason I can't use it? When I called Thermaltake Friday the guy said contact their support and they would send adapter he did not say what kind. He sounded , well I could barely understand him . But anyway NO REPLY from Thermaltake. The last 600 watt TR2 I bought I got off ebay. A power outage got it. I live in the country we get a lot of them and I have the best backup you can get. I think. If I ever get this one working I won't buy another one and I don't wanna drive 100 miles to a facility for returning. I just want the dog one thing to work. Thermaltake ain't what they used to be. Apologies if I offend.
  2. Tom Horn

    NEW TR2 600W has no 4x4 plug

    Is there an adapter available my power supply was supposed to have a 4x4 and it does not. I did contact support but if anyone has run into this could you steer me to where I can purchase one if that is faster.? Thanks! Tom