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  1. I turned it off and reseated the cables. It is working now. Thank you for your help.
  2. The first pic is from the PSU out using the usb mini. The second pic is from the side of the mobo (ASUS ROG Strix x470i) The USB 3 is the solid black plastic connector and the usb 2 is the 9 pin like the one shown above.
  3. I have installed this software twice and received this error both times "Could not setup a connection with power supply. Please make sure your Toughpower DPS is successfully connected to computer via USB." The USB mini side is connected to the PSU and the USB pin out is connected to the motherboards USB 2 pins. When I remove the USB mini side from the PSU it registers that something was removed so I know it is installed correctly. The PSU RGB is still not working
  4. Awesome! Thank you! I put it into the USB 2.0 header there and it still does not light up. Nor does the PSU get seen by the TT RGB plus application. It says "could not find Fan Controller (Error Code:H_0x0001) The RGB fan on the PSU has not lit up ever. Is this normal? Note that when I unplug the USB mini end from the PSU that Windows 10 makes the chime that indicates something was removed from the PC. When I check the device manager there are no flags up.
  5. Installing a Tough Power 750 on a Thermaltake P1 chassis. The instructions for the TP 750 say that I need to connect the USB cable to the powersupply and to the mother board, but does not mention where to connect it. The usb side is easily discernible. The other black molded connector can go in any number of places on my Strix x470i mobo. Any help would be appreciated.
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