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  1. suggestions for amd ryzen win 10 check your bios set fan control to pmw or auto see if either works then depending on your set up make sure you have power hook up to your controller and pmw cable to fan port on mb if not using sync controller need 2.0 ussb hooked also for program to be recognized if your using 9 port sync thiers special cable for mb sync jack it varies to type of mb with sata power cable then a pmw cable on each side of the sync controller a fan is hooked up to hope this helps
  2. I am so sorry for all of you but read some of the administrators answers they are short and never address the problems more than likely they work for tt . they merely tack answers that people smarter than them have already posted so what due you expect from their product
  3. sorry klu dont buy anymore of their products and tell everyone on social media how you were treated and when their pocket book shrinks they will listen hopefully they will not recover obviously by not responding your choice should be clear good luck I removed all their products and I build new pc every 2 years this was last dime tt will see from me
  4. ty for time but I already changed to cm fan system was pretty much plug and play sync to mb perfectly . personally I removed every tt product will not conduct bisiness with them again I am going to throw tt level 10 case mouse power supply water cooler in a box smashed to pieces and send it to them on principle good luck
  5. ill help you buy coolermaster rbg you will have no problems I personally threw tt fans and cooler in trash as I do not trust it will cool my system proper when you have to do 100 things to get their product to work coolermaster plug and play as its suppose to be . Plus im running gigabyte aorus x399 with 1950x procc and my gigabyte program recognizes and controls software tt call mother board manufactures ask them help you get it right
  6. I have had multiple issues with these fans ! sync controller had 1 pmw cable when it should of had 3 2 some fans do not properly plug inn all way 3 software never works right I have 5 120mm fans 4 on cooler push pull config 1 on case rear and one 200mm on side fans work but lights barely light up and are uncontrollable contacted support 5 times once ignored no solution to problem and no effort to fix the problem . the last message was sorry we could not help you well that's just great tt 200 dollars later someone should put civil suit on you for selling usless product furthermore I no longer trust your cooling solution on a 4000 dollar computer. bottom line tt does not stand behind their product or support their customers best of luck to you all a 4 pin fan/light combination should not be this difficult to install in plug in play market . instead of a helping solution no effort on tt part to solve my issue also plugging a ussb connector in and out with pc running is worst solution to a problem one wrong pin touch and your mb is fragged I have rocks in my driveway smarter than your techs
  7. I have same problem tt support is worthless I was ignored once then sorry we could not help you wish you best of luck tt has no intentions of assisting customers or standing behind their product. bottom line 4 pin fan light combination should not be that problematic I removed cooler and fans put in cooler masters rbg had no problems best advice stop wasting your time on company that does not support you or their product .
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