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  1. Hi Sir I'm really sorry for about posting it on different forums and not putting credits on you. This thread have been inactive for 1 years as i been saving money on its hardware and now I was able to bought most of the hardware and finally will do a video about it and give you credit. I thank you again for granting me to used the layout/design of it and I'm guilty of not giving you credit on every post in forums. hope you can forgive me sir sorry.
  2. It's been a while, Finally the desk is painted and upholstery done! (:
  3. Some Updates regarding #ProjectD. This is the final form (Exterior) and the desk is finally ready to be paint! now into some acrylic stuffs and main build log (:
  4. Been really busy this last few weeks but I did managed to finish almost the interior parts. Now we're into the Main Build Log next! (: I also re-adjusted the leg room as a lot of people from different forum suggested it and I feel more comfortable now as the leg room is widen Thanks Guys! (:
  5. This was my Previous Project and Currently using right now. I build it way back September 2015 and I been using it for 3 years and still kicking! Sorry for my bad English not my Native Language Cheers! (:
  6. I just want to share my current Project called #ProjectD. I’m currently building a custom PC (Computer inside desk). For now I just finish the exterior part and some interior as shown in the pictures. Sorry for my bad English not my native language. Cheers! (:
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