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  1. Good afternoon! Is there anyone on this forum who can help with the problem ?! Why there are no answers to the problem indicated:
  2. Hello! Maybe someone has a program Tt DPS G App version below 3.0.9 (3.0.8 or 3.0.6). Share please!
  3. Awww ...! Why no one responds to this topic? !!!
  4. Good day! I have a program Tt DPS G App version 3.1.6. My account is eddd2002@mail.ru. Why all data is not uploaded to the cloud, for each day of work. Only on the day when the computer is turned on for a very long time (all day). Previously, uploading took place immediately when the computer was turned on and a notification came to the mobile application. And then the data was often downloaded during the operation of the computer (no matter how much it works). Now this is not happening. After what time is the data uploaded to the site? How is this configured in the program? I understand that before all the data that did not have time to unload until the computer was turned off, the data was stored on the computer and unloaded the next time the computer was turned on. Why is this not happening now? I attach a screenshot which shows that the last upload was on May 1, and the last one was on April 22. Although the computer turned on and worked between these dates, but not for very long.
  5. Hello! Again, the data on the site ceased to be downloaded, there are records for two days - and there is no more ... I attach screenshots and archive of the DPS-G folder. Also, the mobile application did not receive notifications that the computer was turned on. They used to always come. DPS-G.zip
  6. Hello! Everything worked when the REMOTE section appeared again on the site and the power supply in it became active. Thank you!
  7. Good afternoon! Thank you for deleting accounts. Today I re-created my account - eddd2002@gmail.com But the data is not uploaded to the site. I noticed one oddity - in the My uploads tab - in the Activity section - the schedule date is displayed on the next day (2018.10.04), although the date is still on my computer (2018.10.03). Maybe this is the reason not to upload data to the site? Attached a screen screen with this problem.
  8. Good afternoon! I mailed you the folder. The program has now been updated to version 3.0.91. The program began to run when Windows was loaded, but the data was never downloaded to the site. I deleted the program and installed it again, deleted the DPS-G folder, removed the power supply from the site, started a new account - eddd2002@gmail.com - NOTHING HELPED ANYTHING!!! What can be wrong? can I delete all my accounts from the site? and try again? Can you do this? My three accounts already: eddd2002@mail.ru eddd2002@gmail.com edward@megaline.kg
  9. Good afternoon! I deleted everything that you said. Reinstalled the program. I created a new account. I entered it in the program. But the data is not unloaded. new account edward@megaline.kg
  10. Good afternoon! My account - eddd2002@mail.ru I know that the data in the program is calculated average and loaded once a day. But they do not download to my site at all! I launch the program, enter login and password. The power supply is registered on the account, but the data on the site is not unloaded. I already deleted the power supply from my account and created a new account - the data there is also not unloaded. As you can see in the screenshot - the data was last downloaded on September 17 - this is when the program was updated to version 3.0.9 - after that the data was not unloaded!
  11. Thanks for answers! As for the 2 points - I would like to clarify: 2. Sorry, We don’t provide this function “download data from cloud to client” , but we very thanks for your suggestion - I did not mean downloading from the cloud to the client, but on the contrary, that my data is not being loaded into the cloud. I understand that these problems will be solved in the next version of the program? And I asked - not how to remove the device from the account, and whether it is possible to delete the account itself?
  12. Good afternoon! I had a problem with the DPS G App program when upgrading to version 3.0.9: 1. In cloud software - power unit recording is not active, you can not turn off and restart the computer. 2. The data was no longer downloaded to the cloud software. 3. The program on the computer does not load automatically when the computer is turned on (there is no icon in the Taskbar). Though in autoload is present. When forcing through the shortcut on the desktop - loads and displays the measurements, the login is entered. Power Supply Model - Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W Titanium Windows Version - Windows 10 Pro x64 My login for the cloud service DPS - eddd2002@mail.ru Another question is how you can remove the wrong account from the cloud software. Thank you in advance!
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