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  1. Guys, I've notice that you guys have rolled out the update today. Downloaded it and yes now it is showing temp values. HOWEVER, i do think it's showing the wrong temp values tho(If I'm not wrong, you guys mistakenly took the Farenheight reading and set it as Celcius. Is there a DIY fix to this or do i have to wait for another patch??
  2. thats good to hear! In the meantime can you advise if this issue will any how tamper the cooler's performance or not. It would also be good to know what's the issue and possibly any temporary fix to improve its performance, should there be any. Thanks again for looking into this. Regards,
  3. Yep, did the same and got the same issue still. I dont have issues with my controller tho. Hope we do get a solution to this tho :)
  4. Hi Team, I've noticed that the newly installed AIO is not reading my cpu temp regardless of me putting the pin to CPU_fan or Pump_fan. It is constantly displaying as 0C in the TT rgb software. I have the latest version of the software. i can detect my cpu temps on bios,ryzen master software and hwinfo app.It just doesnt show up on the cooler. The fans, rgb and pump are working tho, just that im unsure if failing to detect the temps will cause any colling performance issue or not. I've set the fans to be operating under performance mode just so they are spinning 1600++ rpm, but i am unsure if the cooler is working when my pc is under load. Please advice or let me know if there is a workaround to this. Thanks in advance Regards, Michael
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