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  1. I'm having a very weird issue on one of the computers I installed this on. This is the one that I tried installing the gaming software on. The keyboard's numpad does not work. the keyboard is not in gaming mode (because i can use windows key). When the numlock light is on it seems random events happen when pressing the number keys (like pressing 5 does a mouse click). but when i turn off num lock then regular left/right/up/down etc functions work as in most keyboards. I uninstalled the keyboard software I tried removing keyboard from device manager (but maybe not the correct device o
  2. Ok, that is fair. Are you able to release any details of WHEN we can expect the new platform to debut?
  3. I am logged in as the admin; I had to run it as admin for the hwinfo to read properly. Now when I restart that no longer needs admin, it is strange. I am getting the temps but for my aorus 7 board, it seems to be pulling data from the VRM temperature sensor. Whereas I'd rather set my own sensor(such as case temp sensors plugged in mobo) and also set my own curve for controlling the fans
  4. Hello, I bought the Riing Plus trio pack that comes with controller. I've connected everything and I am able to start the software and control lights/fan speeds manually however I cannot get the PWM to work accurately. I noticed that the software always shows 0 degrees. I have checked the motherboard's bios and I have about 6 different zones with working temperature sensor readouts that are working correctly. The TT controller is connected via internal USB header. My motherboard is Gigabyte Z370 Aorus 7. How do I make the app point to a specific temp sensor? Update: reading arou
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