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  1. Most of my work is in the 3.3-5V range. I've been using a 9V wall wart power supply with the appropriate regulator to power my circuits. Is this a bad approach? I understand there is no overload protection with a setup like this, but it's worked for years. I'm on the fence about buying a bench supply.
  2. I'm finding that liquid cooling is surprisingly cheap these days, with many going for around 40 bucks and supposedly performing better than a lot of the 60+ air coolers. I never even considered going this route until I started digging around at prices. How much of a pain is liquid cooling though? I probably won't be overclocking much, but I'd like the option later on. Do you need to replace the liquid or maintian it in some way? Does the computer as a whole produce less heat? (I live in AZ and my computer heating a room up + the 120 degree temps outside has always been an issue). How much noise do these usually make? Thanks!
  3. Ashishgada

    Thermaltake PSU good or bad?

    Hey guys, I recently built a computer but my father decided to buy a PSU on his own without telling me. Now he got me a Thermaltake Rome 750W PSU with things like 80+ Gold, Cablemanagement blablabla. Now the thing, I don't know Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire if Thermaltake is good at building PSUs so does anybody know if this PSU is good or at least mediocre? Thanks for answers !
  4. Hi all, With the recent sales on the Best Buy Easystores, I've found myself with more hard drives than I can fit in into my current case. I'm looking for tower or cube-like case that could fit 20+ HDD’s. I do not want a server chasis however. Do you guys have any ABCya Adam4Adam POF suggestions on cases that either have room for 20 drives or 12 external 5.25 bays? I’d prefer having the external 5.25 bays so I could utilize some of my 3x5.25 to 5x3.5 hot swap bays.
  5. Hey guys, I'm a long time android gamer, or more precisely retrogamer, since I use mostly emulators, and I was searching the best gaming solution for android, on both comfort and input lag aspect. As many retro gamers, I'm very sensitive to input lag for action/platform games. Android does always adds a bit of lag no matter the solution, because of the way it stacks the gamepad inputs, but it's still acceptable lag if no added bluetooth or device lag. Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire
  6. Ashishgada

    Mousepad recommendations?

    I hope this is fine to post here since it's not directly related to Fortnite, but I'm trying to improve my aim and flick shots. I currently use a high sens (1600 dpi with 0.20 in-game) and a small mousepad and have been doing fine. Nearly all pros I see play use huge mousepads and low sens. I'm willing to rework my sens and muslce memory if it'll lead to improvements down the line. If you use larger gaming mousepads, what ones do you like and have had success with? Any thoughts on cloth material versus hard material? Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated ABCya Adam4Adam POF
  7. Ashishgada

    Air cooling VS Liquid cooling.

    So I had my liquid cooling device (h60) for approximately 5 years, and it failed. when I got it returned in 2013, Water cooling was all of the rage. In my search for a brand new CPU cooler, I observed that everyone is the use of air cooling now. which is better in 2017 folk? need to I stick with liquid cooling or are ABCya Adam4Adam POF there higher Air cooling alternatives that I don't know approximately?