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  1. Hello. Do the pictures look like I should be able to place the cage back in its original place? Do you need more pictures?
  2. Sure. Prepare for some sad pictures. :-) This is the PSU: All screws are in place and tighten. This is what happens if I try to put the HDD cage back in place: Please let me know if you need additional pictures. Thanks!
  3. Hello. I'm assembling my computer inside a Core X5 chassis. In order to insert the EVGA Supernova 750 G2 power supply unit, I had to remove the horizontal HDD cage which is located above, by default. After positioning the PSU, I am unable to re-insert that HDD cage in the original place. Is this normal? I can't find any other place in the case where I could attach that cage, even if there is lot of space available. Am I missing some attachment point? Can I still use that cage somehow? Thanks, Maurizio.
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