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  1. I've in an attempt to have more RGB in my build, I've made a circuit board which takes an addressable RGB signal (WS2811b) and converts it into 8 separate 12V common anode RGB signals which are separately powered in groups of 8. This is different from the TT controllers in that it doesn't copy the same signal to all outputs, but it has discrete outputs per component. I have two of these in my current build, and I would love to add RGB fittings. So let me get this straight before I make this investment: The 6 Pacific RGB fittings use the Lumi Color 256C, connecting them up with two cables per port. This Lumi's ports are 4-pin 12V common anode RGB (also called 5050 LED) signals as shown on the bottom of the page. Is it therefore safe to assume that the RGB fittings will work directly when given a 5050 LED signal? I couldn't find direct info on its specification, and this deduction may be wrong, so please correct me if my conclusion doesn't hold. Thank you in advance!
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