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  1. Hello everyone,, I am building a system with a lian case and want to use Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition AIO, and 5-6 Rind trio fans all connected to A TT sata 9 port LED controller directly (will not use the controller that comes with them) With A gigabyte Aoros MAster Z390. Can the floe riing cooler fans and trio work fine thru the tt controller? Is there a 360 AIO from thermaltake internet cafe sweepstakes providers that has trio fans? Or is there a recommendation for a thermaltake 360 AIO cooler that can utilize the ring trio fans and cost about the same as the floe Riing? One more question where can I get single fans or triple Riing trio fans without having to buy the controller since I am going to use the tt 9 port? Also will the MOBO still automatically work with the radiator fans (heat kick in etc) Plisskin808
  2. Hello everyone,, First of all, I've done some research and it seems that Dark Rock Pro 3/4 and NH-D15 are the best coolers out there. The thing is, they are dual tower and take a lot of space. I was wondering if single tower coolers perform much worse than dual tower ones? If not, which ones apart from NH-U14S are good to cool 8700k. I must admit that I don't really like noctua's colors (I know they are good tho), and I'd like my RAM to be visible, not sit under the cooler. Thanks in advance for your time and recommendations. Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail sweepstakes software Some info: Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 Price doesn't matter CPU: Intel i7-8700k Only air cooling, no water
  3. Hello everyone,, I'm about to open up a internet cafe where we serve dim sum to customers, however I don't know what software to use. This is generally what I need:internet cafe sweepstakes providers -Order food from their computer -Log in without going through front desk if they are a member -Able to time in and time out every customer -Has a rewards program for loyal members -Able to message my staff if need be -Can pick through several selections of food options that we serve Oh, i need it to be in English.
  4. Hello everyone,, As my computer was dutifully chugging along yesterday playing a game, I realized - it is really loud. The case fans sound like a plane about to take off. I think that the issue is two 140 fans on top, as the others are Corsairs and from very brief, very unscientific testing, don't seem as loud. The two up top I added after the fact and while they push the air through, I don't know that the trade-off is worth it. So, here's my question to you guys: what's the quietest fan that pushes the most air? Is it still Noctua's offerings? I'm interested in both 120s and 140s.
  5. Hello everyone,, An air cooler is anything that cools the air. An air conditioner controls heat and humidity. If it helps, remember that air conditioning was originally invented by Mr. Carrier to control the humidity in a paper factory, and cooling was the way he did that: cooling moist air causes the water vapour to condense out, drying it. The dry air is then very cold, so if you then mix it with some of the warm, moist air, you get air that is not too cold or too dry, and which happens to be nicer for people too.
  6. Hello everyone, I'll be that guy and say that your best option is a big honkin' air cooler. Large fan means lower noise for the same airflow. Beyond that, basically every AIO water cooler is roughly the same (they're all Asetek with the same pump). If you're dead set on one, look into them and find the one with the least proprietary software bullshit; I shouldn't need drivers for a fan.
  7. Hello everyone, So I put together a new build and this time I decided to go with a more flashy build seeing as how the motherboard is all lit up as well. I just need to know if I have the differentiation between Thermaltake's Riing fans correct: Riing Plus - This is the newest version and will not work with older Riing RGB controllers correct? It has the what I would call newer Thermaltake logo (two white Ts). Riing RGB - This is the older version, will not work with the newer Riing Plus controllers and has the more classic Thermaltake logo (Fireball looking thing). Are these the only two iterations of the RGB fans they have? Or is there another one I'm missing. I wish they would have made a better distinction between the two fans if they don't work together as that would have saved me 50 bucks. Oh well, guess I should have researched closer.
  8. Hello guys, I recently built a computer but my father decided to buy a PSU on his own without telling me. Now he got me a Thermaltake Rome 750W PSU with things like 80+ Gold, Cablemanagement blablabla. Now the thing, I don't know if Thermaltake is good at building PSUs so does anybody know if this PSU is good or at least mediocre? Thanks for answers !
  9. From time to time in various subreddits, newbies ask for tips to find a cheap variable DC bench power supply that plugs into wall AC. We can easily find links, but that's not the same as actually owning or using them. Request: If you would like feedback on an item you don't own, please post a link. Preference is NEW products. We can discuss classic old products too, but used items have the downside of unknown problems before purchasing from EBAY. Some old HP power supplies are great deals. Preference is lower price products that newbies can easily afford. Please keep shipping costs in mind too. We all understand that low price products aren't as great as expensive products, so please keep "captain obvious" harping to yourself. Please don't post the following items: Doesn't have a case. Doesn't plug into wall AC. Doesn't have 2 meters: voltmeter and ammeter. How to build your own. (another topic)
  10. My case is a View 27 and I'm planning on putting a 1600 + 470 inside. My motherboard will have three 4-pin fan headers. I was thinking of putting in two (one intake, one exhaust) but the fan that came in my case isn't LED and I want two LEDs (one on either side) for symmetry. Is three overkill? Also, I'm thinking of getting two red LED JetFlo 120s or two red LED Riing 120mms. Is there a good reason not to get those?
  11. Hello y'all, I'm quite new at this, and I love to tinker. I was wondering if anyone tried a combination of aluminum and acrylic plastic for the waterblock, what kind of adhesive would work to prevent leaking and dissolving, would water resistant epoxy cut it? I am aware that I'd be better off on all accounts with buying the parts, but my project is about building it for fun, not planning on doing it for my actual workstation PS: I want to use aluminum over copper because I already have the base for my radiator, which is aluminum
  12. Hello everyone,, I am a noob at building PCs. I've owned 2 PCs in my life so far, both built for me and both very mid-range. In the process of researching parts for my new PC and basically i want to know - in 2018 is it viable (and more importantly, advisable) to build an air-cooled gaming PC? I've read probably 70 threads/articles/pieces and 10 videos on the matter but I can't seem to get a definitive yes or no... The question is meant to be a general question but just to provide some context to my situation: I'm building a mid-ish range gaming PC. My biggest constraint is the price. I'm looking at a 1060 and a i5 8400 at the moment. The reason this is such a big factor to me is that I love the NZXT H440 look and would really like to get that case, but now I've been scared into thinking I'm going to fry my components if I try to air-cool only in that case? I know there are tons of variables and all the components make a difference too, but I just want to know if - generally speaking - air cooling a gaming PC is advisable? And if it is, is it possible in the NZXT H440 without being risky?
  13. Hello everyone,, Basically this. Something bad happens with a big honkin air coolin heatsink? Computer thermal throttles/shuts off. Something bad happens to watercooling? sparks and ruination. not to mention they get gummed up with gunk over time
  14. Hello everyone,, First PC build so bear with me. I have an i7-8700K CPU and need to choose a cooler for it. I already have an Aorus Gaming 7 Motherboard and an Aorus Xtreme Edition 1080TI. So purely for “looks” I thought it would be nice to go with the Aorus ATC700 Cooler, and have them all in sync both in terms of parts and lighting. However am I doing my PC harm by choosing this Cooler over something like a Cryorig R1 or a Dark Rock Pro 3? Or is the difference minimal? Will I harm my CPU with this Cooler? Any comments will be appreciated.
  15. Hello everyone,, I'm finding that liquid cooling is surprisingly cheap these days, with many going for around 40 bucks and supposedly performing better than a lot of the 60+ air coolers. I never even considered going this route until I started digging around at prices. How much of a pain is liquid cooling though? I probably won't be overclocking much, but I'd like the option later on. Do you need to replace the liquid or maintian it in some way? Does the computer as a whole produce less heat? (I live in AZ and my computer heating a room up + the 120 degree temps outside has always been an issue). How much noise do these usually make? Thanks!
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