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  1. Hi everyone. I wanted to do a 2nd build with a 2 loop system so I went with the view 91. What an awesome case. I custom fit a piece of black acrylic to clean up the inside. Next I will make a shroud and have a few other goodies coming. The cpu loop is plumbed up and running great. I am waiting for a used evga 2080ti XC Ultra that I will be putting an ekwb block on. I plan to go to the 3090 in about a year when stock is plentiful and the bugs are worked out. No rush. The 2080ti is awesome card. Here are the specs: Aorus master z490 MB Intel 10900k OC to 5.1ghz stable Trident z skill 64gb ram X2 2TB Samsung M.2 SSD. All the water cooling is all EKWB components including the monoblock. Evga 1600watt titanium ps. I'll update this post when I am finished with more pics!
  2. I built a core p5 and today I started getting artifacts. I purchased the premium riser cable from TT about 1 year ago. First thing I did was plug my 1080ti directly into the MB and no issue. Then I put a 1060 in had kicking around into the riser. Artifacts. Tried cleaning out the riser cable slot. No success. I am done with this #### riser issues. I am going to plug directly into the MB and run it that way from now on.
  3. Nice job! The colors are very tasteful!
  4. Hi Everyone, Here is my core P5 Build: All I use is a 90 mandrel, heat gun, clamp PVC cutter, ID/OD reamer and my eye. I am an electrician by trade Future plans: I just got a vinyl cutter and will be making a nuclear bio-hazard theme. Specs: Core P5 Case (Green) Tempered Glass Upgrade Kit i7-8700K overclocked to 5 Ghz. V-core set to 1.32v Aorus Z390 Master Aorus 1080ti waterforce extreme (removed half of the metal overlay fir better visual of UV coolant. Trident Z Ram 32GB Changed power supply from Corsair in last pic to EVGA G3 Gold 1000w Thermaltake PR22 D5 Pump/Resi combo. EKWB CPU Block (Supreme EVO) EKWB Coolstream Radiator 480mm EKWB Fittings (compression) EKWB 1000mm tube Mayhem UV green coolant NZXT Hue+ (1 controller) & 8 fans (I had these kicking around and used them instead of fans that can be sync'd with RGB fusion) Darkside UV leds + extension. (7 total strips) 7 Port sata power header for UV lights to plug in to Corsair M.2 x2 EVO Sata SSD Thank you for looking!
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