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  1. On 12/5/2018 at 5:54 PM, pioruns said:

    Original issue has been reported February 24. That's 284 DAYS since first report.

    If you have beta version of your software I will be happy to test it.

    that's crazy  men i feel the pain i issue an RMA  and got it today , this one is even worse . i'm calling them tomorrow again.  you should do the same  don't hesitate  we paid  big buck for this things .

  2. so im running 2 loops on my case . one with a 480 Rad and the other with a 360 both loops have the Pacific TF1 so i can See the L/H    Both Pumps are on Speed 2  ( Default )  .  Cpu Running 338 L/H and the Vga at 238 L/H  that's about 100 Liters less so i try  rising the speed of the Vga pump so i Could Rise The Flow but  it went down 100 liters more so i put full (5)speed and went down even more  to 80 L/H  i had to put it back in Speed 2   ??  any ideas ?


  3. 18 hours ago, JeffWu said:

    Hi IamTheFox

    May I ask you a question?

    Do you running "TT RGB Plus" in the same time?

    If yes, could you try to disable "TT RGB Plus" sync lighting with power?

    These error message seems that some signal conflict.


    yeah i have 3x Plus Trio Controllers  2x for Led Fittings and 1 Other Controller  for Other Lightings ( Cpu ,Vga,Lumi Strip)   so i disconnect everythhing  fans and all lights just leaving  both Pumps only Connected and nothing happens .... 

  4. so i recently got my build running and  i been experiencing some issues and looks like power my Psu is a Toughpower iRGB Plus 1200W . i'm running Dual loops on my case 2x  Pr22-D5 Plus  pushing one to a 480 Rad  for the Vga and the Cpu to a 360 Rad . now Each loop got their on Pacific TF1 so  i can see the L/H and  both Pumps are Set Default Speed 2 .  so the Cpu pump is running at   28c  333 L/H and the  Vga at 28c 234 L/H  is like 100 Litters per H less than the Cpu so i decided to turn the Speed of the Vga up one more Speed to 3 and the L/h went down more , i move it all the way to 5 and  went down even more  to 80 L/H   i try both pump  they both  do the same thing . and no only that i been getting PSU Error Messages   




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