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  1. I unfortunately can’t fit any optical drives in my case, as it’s a modular case. I don’t think it was the problem but I just undid the cables in the back while it was running and the LEDs came on, I doubt it’s because a cable was pinched but honestly anything is possible. The only issue I was having with not having the optical driver was I didn’t have a thumb drive on hand as well, which I now finally do. I think at the end of the day I let my frustration win which is why I ended up having more issues than I should have.
  2. Never mind ladies and gentlemen, I finally got it and #### it was worth the struggle. 2 days of the bios throwing codes, motherboard firmware issues (don’t have a CD drive in my computer and didn’t have a flash drive), and then the fans not syncing up properly. Although the onboard LEDs for the mobo are a bit underwhelming, I think because the fans finally work it almost doesn’t matter.
  3. Hello All, just trying to figure out what my issue might be with my sync controller. I have the controller plugged into the 5V header on the motherboar, SATA is plugged in, and the 4 pin fan pin plugged in as well. Only one fan RGB turns on and 2 others aren’t lighting up. The LEDs work when I changed them into different ports on the controller, but then they stop working in Asus aura sync which is extremely strange. Not really sure if I have a bad controller or not so I definitely need some help. The fans are working by the way, it’s strictly the LEDs that aren’t working all together wh
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