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  1. Yep, sorry I didn't clarify that. I tested the other five on the TT Sync hub and it works perfectly. It's most definitely the single fan that's defective. I bought it direct from Thermaltake. Do I RMA it or is there a separate returns process for an item that showed up broken?
  2. OK, I discovered that it seems like it's a single fan that is to blame. I tested it with the standard hub, and it lit up, so I assumed that it was good. It was dim, but I assumed that they just started that way. I just installed the software, and as I change the settings, the lights flicker and never get very bright. I'm guessing that this fan having issues is what caused the other fans to stop working in certain configurations with the TT Sync Premium hub. So I'm guessing it's probably a loose wire or something. Is it worth troubleshooting? Or should I immediately RMA it?
  3. Hello, I recently received the TT Sync Premium, a five-pack of Riing Plus 12 RBG Premium fans, and a single fan package for a total of six of the same fans. I’m having strange issues where the fans are not all lighting up when the system is powered on. I started by disconnecting the power to the PC, connecting the 5v addressable cable to the TT sync controller and proper addressable header on my ASUS board. Then, I connected the controller SATA power to my PSU. I followed that by plugging in all six fans, starting with the bottom three ports on the controller (first port with the dot first) followed by the three ports on the right of the controller. I booted up, logged into ASUS Aura software, and clicked the single static color. Four of the six fans lit up. I checked the connection (all where properly seated). And began troubleshooting. I tried to whole process over, switched to different ports, tried removing some fans and only plugging in a few. Different configurations yielded different fans lighting up, but never all six. All but one fans will illuminate with different plug configurations into the controller. The one fan I can’t get to light up no matter what I try, works fine with the standard USB controller that came with the five-pack, so I don’t think it’s that fan itself. I tried the other addressable header on the motherboard, and the exact same behavior results. What am I missing? Is it just a bad controller? Did I mess up a step? Thanks for the help.
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