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  1. I just realized that my ESC keycap is broken. Ever since I got the keyboard that key has been very easy to take out and a lot looser than other keys. I took it out today to look at it because it's been bugging me and I found out that the housing is cracked on the key. Several other keys are loose as well, however I don't think the housing is broken. Whenever I take a keycap off I use the included puller just to be safe so I don't risk snapping the switches stem. I request a new set of keycaps or the a new ESC key, I have had this keyboard for almost 3 months now, I purchased it around the 20th to 30th of January. If need be I will provide a receipt of the purchase. Thank you and have a good night or day!
  2. Have you tried updating the firmware?
  3. A driver update has been issued, this new update fixes compatibility with Windows 10 ver. 1809 @alphadg You can now customize to your hearts content, enjoy! Have a great day or night, depending on when you read this! -Cynaax
  4. I wasn't expecting the update today either, it actually surprised me when I read that lol, I'll quickly get the software booted up and updated, thank you everyone for your input to this issue, if it weren't for us all this issue wouldn't have been addressed. Also no problem @Jag007 Again, a big thank you to everyone, I hope you all have a great day or night, depending on when you read this -Cynaax
  5. Email or call Thermaltake over at https://www.thermaltake.com/corporate.aspx?t=4 or alternatively you could message them on Messenger if you have Facebook. I hope all goes well! -Anthony P.S. I know this reply is from November of last year but I at least want to post this so others can hopefully read this, who have the same issue as you do. Again all the best for every one of you guys and I hope your issue gets fixed!
  6. After emails with Thermaltake, I can confirm that the drivers are not supported with Windows 10 ver. 1809, however they will be releasing a fix to address this issue, however there is no ETA as yet, sit tight. I have attached a small snippet from the latest email they have sent me, which confirms it, hopefully they release it soon. Thank you for reading and have a nice day or night! (depending when you read this) -Cynaax
  7. Instead of flooding the owners club, how about you guys actually try to email or call them here https://www.thermaltake.com/corporate.aspx?t=4 or even try a manual firmware update, steps are in the pdf. If nothing works, don't post your issue here again, nothing will be done about it X1_RGB_Manual_Update.pdf
  8. I've recently contacted support on this one, try following the steps in the pdf I attached, then try using the software (after you have successfully updated the keyboard, I would say unplug it, turn off your device, plug it back in and then turn your device back on) . If nothing works try emailing them over at https://www.thermaltake.com/corporate.aspx?t=4 you will have to either call or email the country in which you reside in so that you can get optimum support over your issue By the way, do not remove the keyboard when updating the firmware, this will brick the keyboard and it will not be usable at all. Thank you and have a nice day or night -Cynaax X1_RGB_Manual_Update.pdf P.S. It is most likely the new Windows version, in this case they need to release either a fix or a new piece of software all together to address this issue, if you have Facebook, try contacting them on messenger as well, they responded very quickly to my issue.
  9. I recently bought the x1 rgb as my first keyboard, I love it. However this #### issue is frustrating the #### out of me and I'm thinking of returning the keyboard if this keeps up, whenever I open the program it tells me to plug in a thermaltake device, however I have the keyboard plugged in always.
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