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  1. Hi, I’ve been using a power supply for a year now, but they still haven’t solved the problem. Tell me in which century will fix this problem? Why am I buying an expensive product and getting a buggy device? And even more so, I'm not the only one!
  2. Yes, it would be great, and it is necessary to make so that the switch would turn off not just the graphic element of the status of hard drives, but turn off completely the appeal to hard drives.
  3. Hi JeffWu I specifically launched a hard drive check so that you can see how the dps app affects their work. This happens all the time while the dps app is running. It seems to me that this may be due to the built-in monitoring of the status of hard drives in the dps app. You can release a version without the function of monitoring hard disks or make disabling this function in the application settings.
  4. Hi, I ran into such a problem. When I run the Tt DPS G App program, the read heads start clicking on the hard drives when I turn off the program, everything becomes normal. Has anyone encountered such a problem? For visibility, I recorded a video.
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