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  1. We receive hundreds of emails on daily basis. Of course! Not all of them are important. It is a known fact that 60 percent of emails are promotional emails and absolutely they are of no use for many. Since email is a convenient mode of communication that can be done within a fraction of seconds, everyone prefers to send email to convey a message or send any document. The Gmail is the most popular free, webmail service, there is no surprise that it also facilitates with the feature to filter out spam emails. However, it is quite important to know how to block emails on Gmail thus protecting yourself from any online threats. This may even help Google to improvise further with their spam filtering techniques. Here, let us discuss in detail of how to block emails on Gmail, especially the unwanted and spam emails. Different Methods to Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail Irrespective of the reasons for which you are receiving unwanted emails in Gmail, these messages are quite annoying. Though Gmail facilitates with strong spam filters, still you can make use of these techniques to reduce the chance of receiving unwanted emails. How to Stop Unwanted Spam Email in Gmail Method 1: Make use of Filters in Gmail One of the easiest ways to block unwanted emails is to directly use the filters available in the Gmail account. In case you find any website that is sending continuous spam emails to your inbox, try to set a filter. To do so: Step 1: Click on down arrow located at the end of the search box. This allows specifying search criteria. Step 2: After setting the desired search criteria, click on create filter with search. Step 3: Choose an action that you want to perform for that search. In the case of spam emails, you can prefer to choose to delete it. Step 4: Click on create filter. From now on, the email receiving is now sorted based on the search criteria specified. Method 2: Stop Giving Access to Spam at the start As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure! It is always better to stop gives access to the spam emails at the start. Whenever you are trying to use the Gmail account to create a login for other accounts, ensure that those websites do not send emails to your inbox unless it is necessary. Only, if you require any updates from that website then checkbox the option that says “Allows us to send updates to your Gmail”. Doing so will reduce the number of spam or unwanted emails to your account. Method 3: Report Spam Another useful feature to block unwanted emails is to make use of “Report Spam” feature. Firstly ensure that you run on the latest Gmail version to accept the changes accordingly. Find the “report spam” feature and use the Gmail bulk selection, to flag several emails at once as a spam. This ensures that you don’t receive any emails from unwanted senders. They directly reach the spam folder and is one of the best methods to deal with repetitive emails. How to Block Someone On Gmail Sometimes it might not be enough to just mark the mail as Spam. There are at times where you want to get rid of someone completely. Google gives you feasibility to block emails from particular senders. Below is the step by step process to block someone on Gmail. Step 1: Open the Gmail account. Step 2: Open an email message from the sender whom you wish to block from your list. Step 3: Click on down arrow for more options on the right end of the sender name. Step 4: Select Block “Sender Name” from the drop-down list. Step 5: Click on the block tab to confirm. That’s it! You will now stop receiving any email from this sender. http://www.itdialfast.com/how-to-stop-unwanted-emails-in-gmail/
  2. One very aspect that cannot be overemphasized in this present day world of science and technology, is the internet mail world. This is because it plays a vital key row in our day to day life. Therefore if anyone is not connected to the internet mail world in a day it feels like he or she is missing something key. And that's because instant sending and receiving of mail is key to our daily communication life. So the AOL mail sign up gives us the platform to actually do all of these. But first users who want to really enjoy all these services and features, most first sign up the AOL mail websites. For users to sign up they should follow the web address www.AOL.com. There are lots more you can find when you open the website from your browser. Users can find features like maps location, mails, entertainment, news, finance, lifestyle, videos, games and a search engine. Importance of the AOL Sign Up The sign up process enables users to have a mail account on the AOL mail service platform. Users can log in with their account, to access the amazing features and applications on the AOL mail service platform. There is a sync feature on the platform which enables users to connect their account to their social media platform and other mail service platform like the Google, Yahoo, and Facebook and so on. And above all users can now use their account to send and receive emails from friends, families and business partners all the world. Regardless of distance barrels. AOL Mail Sign Up - How to Get an Account The AOL mail sign up is a simple and quite an easy process to follow. The user should first enter the web address mentioned above. The user will see a page with lots of display news feeds, and a login/join caption. Click on the login/join caption. A mini page appears where the user will see a sign in space bar. This is for users, who already have an account on the AOL mail platform. But for users who don't have an account should click on the sign up option below. In other to start creating an account. The next page the user is expected to fill in his or her personal details like full names, a preferred AOL mail address and password, phone number, country zip code, date of birth and gender. Then click on the continue caption below. After completing filling in the form captions. AOL will ask you to verify your phone number and request to send a verification code to user's phone number. Enter the verification code sent to your phone on the space bar provided, then click on verify. Mind you there is a verification timeout of about 60 seconds. If the user fails to input the code before the time counts down, the user will be asked to start over again for security purposes. After clicking on the verify caption, the account start processing. After the process completion, a message of CONGRATULATION is sent to you. This means the user account has been successfully created. The user can now login into the AOL mail account. https://www.tollfreeparks.com/blog/how-to-create-aol-account/
  3. How many of you love animation and mainly gaming and all those stuff? I am one of those and I do work on adobe flash through chrome. And I majorly face one issue in it and that is adobe flash player not working on chrome. I irrevocably get angry at these time and I feel my day not be complete without taking few minutes to work on adobe flash player. But rather than being worried I found the way by contacting the customer service and these are just the basic first aid you can do for repairing the issue but even after this, you face then you have to contact the google chrome customer service. Steps to fix the adobe flash player 1. First, you have to check the version of Chrome and also the abode flash player and make sure whether either version is compact with each other. 2. The next step is that you have to ensure that you are connected to a proper internet connection. 3. Then make sure you have installed the adobe version over your chrome properly and without omitting any of its need. 4. After that, you have to once restart your device to make sure you are not having the problem because of any sudden hanging issue or something so, etc. 5. When the above steps are done but still you face issue then you have to try another way out of it that is you have to simply delete the data and cache from your history of chrome for once so that the junks don’t create any problem 6. You will also have to use any anti-virus to ensure that you don’t face an issue because of any malware or trojan problem in your system. https://www.tollfreeparks.com/blog/adobe-flash-player-is-not-working/
  4. If you are also facing problem in accessing your Yahoo Account password or ID? Then, this is the best place for you to get best resolution for Yahoo account recovery. You can also reset your Yahoo account credentials from your personal system or other devices. Sometimes, we forgot our Yahoo Account credentials if you don’t used to up to date and this is common issue while using Yahoo mail services. Some common issues experienced by Yahoo Mail Customers: There are some common issues experienced by Yahoo Customers while accessing their professional and personal Yahoo Account. With the help of yahoo account recovery phone number 1-888-909-0535 tollfree you can easily utilized Yahoo account recovery steps. Not able to Sign in account Cannot recover Yahoo mail password Issues encountered while changing the Yahoo account password Attachment issues Unable to send or receive mails Unable to reactivate Suspended account Steps for Yahoo Account Recovery Plenty of Yahoo Mail Customers are seen getting annoyed or irritated in experiencing problem like forgot yahoo password. Here are some effective steps to do Yahoo Account Recovery. Step 1: firstly, open Yahoo login, and insert your Yahoo mail account credentials and then continue. Step 2: Click “Forgot Password” this will lead you to ” let’s get you into your yahoo account” page Step 3: Then again insert your Yahoo ID and click on continue. Step 4: After that enter the CAPTCHA code if prompted and Click on Submit button. Step 5: Now to reset your Yahoo mail password, you will require to verify your real identity by utilizing following option give below: Alternate Email Address Phone Number Security Questions Yahoo account recovery phone number can be really useful for yahoo customers in recovering back the access to Yahoo mail account. It can be done only if they have given yahoo account recovery phone number during the yahoo mail sign in. https://www.tollfreeparks.com/blog/yahoo-account-recovery/
  5. How to fix Unfortunately App has Stopped Error on Android Devices How to fix Unfortunately App has Stopped Error on Android Devices – Android is one of the leading affiliates in the world of smartphones. Since more than 80% of phones come equipped with the Android operating system, the Android OS clearly steals the show. No matter what your budget is, you can always get an Android-based mobile phone. Be it a premium smartphone or a budget phone, Android offers you everything. This Google-backed mobile operating system has achieved a lot and it currently has the monopoly in the world of mobile operating systems. Nobody except iOS is able to compete with the Android mobile operating system. Android is worth giving a shot. There are hundreds and thousands of mobiles that come equipped with the Android operating system. Now depending upon the configuration, price, and hardware, you may have a different user experience. Usually, Android provides a very smooth user experience, sometimes the budget smartphones with low configuration can cause a bit of issue, especially when they grow old. For instance, a few months ago I was using an Android-based smartphone which started throwing some issues. I started getting an error message saying, “Unfortunately app has stopped”. This error message started popping up for a number of applications that were stored on my device. WHAT CAUSES ERROR MESSAGE – UNFORTUNATELY APP HAS STOPPED Recently I came to know that a lot of users were getting the error message – Unfortunately app has stopped. So, I thought of sharing my experience and knowledge on this particular error so that a number of users can be benefited from this. First of all, we should get into the root cause of this error. If I keep it short, the lack of storage on your device causes this error. As your phone grow old, it tends to fill up due to your WhatsApp messages, SMS, Call logs, and App Data. When you launch an app, it needs a certain memory to start properly. When the app doesn’t get the required memory, it throws an error message saying – Unfortunately App has stopped. Now that we know the root cause of this error message, it is high time we should start implementing the methods to fix Unfortunately App has Stopped error message. HOW TO FIX UNFORTUNATELY APP HAS STOPPED ERROR ON ANDROID DEVICES In this section, you will get all you need to fix Unfortunately google app has stopped error message on your Android device. All you need to do is follow the steps given in each method and make sure you are following the instructions carefully. Now we are all set to fix this error message. So, let us get started. METHOD 1: CLEAR CACHE AND DATA FOR THE APP For me, it was WhatsApp that was throwing this error. So, I had to clear the cache memory and data for WhatsApp. You need to identify the application that is causing the issue and clear the data and cache of that app only. If you are not aware of how to do that, you can simply follow the steps given below here: Go to Settings and tap on Installed Apps or Apps depending upon the phone you are using. Now scroll down to find the App that is causing the error. Tap on Storage option as shown in the screenshot. Now on Clear Data button at the bottom. Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data option one by one. Once done, try to relaunch the app and you should be good to go this time. METHOD 2: DELETE UNUSED APPS AND GAMES As discussed in the root cause of the error message – Unfortunately Google app has stopped working, you need a decent amount of space on your device to ensure proper functioning. So, if it is possible for you to delete some unused apps or games from your device, please do that immediately. Free up as much as you can. This will give enough space for important apps to ensure they work properly without any resistance. METHOD 3: REMOVE SD CARD A corrupted SD card can also cause Unfortunately app has stopped error message. In fact, this has been the case for a lot of users. It might be possible that your SD card is not in a good state or is corrupted. So, it is worth trying to launch the application after removing the SD card. If your SD card is the culprit, the app should work well this time. In such a case, consider scanning your SD card to replacing it completely.
  6. How To Send Really Big Files With Gmail There’s nothing more annoying than when you attach a file to an email only to be notified that it exceeds Gmail’s 25 MB limit. But Gmail actually lets you send really big files- up to 10 GB- using Google Drive, its online file storage service. To give you an idea, with 10 GB you could send a 600-page document or a 10 minute audio file. Here’s how to do it: 1. COMPOSE YOUR MESSAGE AS YOU NORMALLY WOULD. BUT THEN, INSTEAD OF ATTACHING A DOCUMENT, VIDEO, OR PHOTO VIA THE PAPERCLIP ICON, PRESS THE GOOGLE DRIVE ICON: bettergmail 2. If you have a Gmail account, you automatically have Google Drive. You can choose a file already in your drive, or upload files straight from your computer. Other Related Topics https://gmailinformation.wordpress.com/2019/03/11/how-to-send-large-video-files-through-gmail/
  7. Gmail serves as the cornerstone of Google services as it is the oldest services. It enables the people to connect with others at personal and professional levels both. Gmail or the google account is a platform where an individual not only do professional but personal emails as well. In the age where everyone is connected to one another with some social media platform, Gmail serves the purpose of free email services at one click. It is an efficient service used by every single person worldwide. The service is advertising-supported and offers the people with video chats, data storage, emails etc. You can have easy access to Gmail through any web and also through third-party programs which synchronize the contents of the email by IMAP protocols. When you end up losing your password or forget the Gmail password, you keep searching for the ways to help you with Gmail forget password recovery. It is a very irritating thing that the internet does provide you with the answers but tricky ones. There are very simple ways to recover your Gmail password. There are few ways in which you can get your password back and all of them are very similar to each other. You can select to receive a text, call, code or even a link for the password recovery on your mobile. Gmail forgot password recovery is a very simple step and does not confuse the users at all. There will be no going to many links to search for the answers but to only follow these simple steps and get back your password very soon. Steps to recover your Gmail password The steps to recover your Gmail password is very simple. Losing out on your password must be the thing of major concern and these steps are your savior. You just need to follow these simple steps- Go to the Gmail account and select the option of “can’t access your account?” Choose the option of forgot my password Enter the username which you use signing in to Google Type the captcha to continue You’ll be given three options to get back your password The options will be- get a verification code on your mobile, receiving it via text or a call, answer your security questions, or get the password reset link at your secondary email. Choose any of the options and get back your password. Or you can recover your Gmail password by the Gmail password recovery program. To do so you need to follow these given steps- Run the program called WinSuite 2012. Go to the password or the key finder Select the Google or Gmail password Find your forgotten password These are some steps through which you can recover your Gmail password in an easier and fast way. You won’t face any difficulty while using these steps. The only difference would be that in the steps using the program, anyone can look for anyone’s password and that is illegal to do. https://ecastats.uneca.org/acsweb/cr/Home/tabid/858/forumid/12/postid/54315/scope/posts/language/en-GB/Default.aspx#54315
  8. Login in Google Gmail First, you must login in your Google account on your computer. On the main interface, find the "Gmail" icon which is red on the left top corner around the logo of Google. Click it to scan the drop-down list, and choose "Contacts" option to go the next step. Login in Google Gmail When you enter the Contact interface, on the left column, all records of contact information will be listed like "New Contacts", "My Contacts", etc. On the right side, there will be 3 small navigation icons on the top. Click "More" button to select "Restore contacts..." icon on this drop-down list. Select Time to Restore Contacts Before you start to recover your lost contacts from Google, the interface of "Restore Contact" will pop up to ask you to choose a time to restore your contacts. There are 5 options for you to choose, click one of them as your requirements. Last, on the bottom, click "Recover" button to finish recovering. Login in Google account on Android phone to check these deleted contacts. http://www.gmailinformation.com/blog/how-to-recover-google-contacts/
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