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  1. Sometime its being like panic when you are trying to Login your google gmail account and showing error could not be able to sign in or your password has been change due to suspicious activity someone change your Google account password or has been forgot from your end so you would need to recover your google account using some advanced tricks.
  2. How To Send Really Big Files With Gmail There’s nothing more annoying than when you attach a file to an email only to be notified that it exceeds Gmail’s 25 MB limit. But Gmail actually lets you send really big files- up to 10 GB- using Google Drive, its online file storage service. To give you an idea, with 10 GB you could send a 600-page document or a 10 minute audio file. Here’s how to do it: 1. COMPOSE YOUR MESSAGE AS YOU NORMALLY WOULD. BUT THEN, INSTEAD OF ATTACHING A DOCUMENT, VIDEO, OR PHOTO VIA THE PAPERCLIP ICON, PRESS THE GOOGLE DRIVE ICON: bettergmail 2. If you have a Gmail account, you automatically have Google Drive. You can choose a file already in your drive, or upload files straight from your computer. Other Related Topics https://gmailinformation.wordpress.com/2019/03/11/how-to-send-large-video-files-through-gmail/
  3. Patricknicolas

    How to Recover Your Gmail Password

    Gmail serves as the cornerstone of Google services as it is the oldest services. It enables the people to connect with others at personal and professional levels both. Gmail or the google account is a platform where an individual not only do professional but personal emails as well. In the age where everyone is connected to one another with some social media platform, Gmail serves the purpose of free email services at one click. It is an efficient service used by every single person worldwide. The service is advertising-supported and offers the people with video chats, data storage, emails etc. You can have easy access to Gmail through any web and also through third-party programs which synchronize the contents of the email by IMAP protocols. When you end up losing your password or forget the Gmail password, you keep searching for the ways to help you with Gmail forget password recovery. It is a very irritating thing that the internet does provide you with the answers but tricky ones. There are very simple ways to recover your Gmail password. There are few ways in which you can get your password back and all of them are very similar to each other. You can select to receive a text, call, code or even a link for the password recovery on your mobile. Gmail forgot password recovery is a very simple step and does not confuse the users at all. There will be no going to many links to search for the answers but to only follow these simple steps and get back your password very soon. Steps to recover your Gmail password The steps to recover your Gmail password is very simple. Losing out on your password must be the thing of major concern and these steps are your savior. You just need to follow these simple steps- Go to the Gmail account and select the option of “can’t access your account?” Choose the option of forgot my password Enter the username which you use signing in to Google Type the captcha to continue You’ll be given three options to get back your password The options will be- get a verification code on your mobile, receiving it via text or a call, answer your security questions, or get the password reset link at your secondary email. Choose any of the options and get back your password. Or you can recover your Gmail password by the Gmail password recovery program. To do so you need to follow these given steps- Run the program called WinSuite 2012. Go to the password or the key finder Select the Google or Gmail password Find your forgotten password These are some steps through which you can recover your Gmail password in an easier and fast way. You won’t face any difficulty while using these steps. The only difference would be that in the steps using the program, anyone can look for anyone’s password and that is illegal to do. https://ecastats.uneca.org/acsweb/cr/Home/tabid/858/forumid/12/postid/54315/scope/posts/language/en-GB/Default.aspx#54315
  4. Patricknicolas

    How to change gmail recovery email

    Login in Google Gmail First, you must login in your Google account on your computer. On the main interface, find the "Gmail" icon which is red on the left top corner around the logo of Google. Click it to scan the drop-down list, and choose "Contacts" option to go the next step. Login in Google Gmail When you enter the Contact interface, on the left column, all records of contact information will be listed like "New Contacts", "My Contacts", etc. On the right side, there will be 3 small navigation icons on the top. Click "More" button to select "Restore contacts..." icon on this drop-down list. Select Time to Restore Contacts Before you start to recover your lost contacts from Google, the interface of "Restore Contact" will pop up to ask you to choose a time to restore your contacts. There are 5 options for you to choose, click one of them as your requirements. Last, on the bottom, click "Recover" button to finish recovering. Login in Google account on Android phone to check these deleted contacts. http://www.gmailinformation.com/blog/how-to-recover-google-contacts/