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  1. Next time to test the lighting, also a glimpse with the front panel on, still alot to do but it's looking pretty good to me.
  2. Got the reservoirs frosted and got the distro glued together. I will be doing more to the distro but i want it to be simple and blend into the design. Next I was able to get the side panel backlit, I used the thermaltake argb strips to make this.
  3. Voting ends tomorrow. But the winner will not be given the parts for the build until after computex. Whoever wins it should be a very interesting project as they are all great designs
  4. Very nice build! Love those movies
  5. Starting to get parts painted, also modifying the X1 from thermaltake as well to go with the project. I will be doing something special between the reservoirs as well
  6. Finished the side panel for the ssd's so they will be mounted flush without and cables visible Next I mocked everything up to make sure everything fit before painting
  7. Case is stripped down and starting to get things painted. The colors are black and gold and everything will have a matte finish, making the gold look more like a dark khaki color which is exactly what I was going for. Sorry I don't have time to take photos with the dslr for every update Also got the motherboard and gtx 980 waterblock painted to match. Thermaltake was out of stock of the clear block so I made due with the solid color and just painted it to fit the build Next I made some custom cable extensions for the build. Gold sleeving was too dark so I actually used a khaki color which actually matches nicely.
  8. Build is finished, sorry I didn't have time to take more progress shots as there is a lot going on at the moment but hope you like the build and photos.
  9. Since this is a budget build I am using bare dimms with the Pacific R1 Plus lighting kit as well as the new non modular bx1 rgb psu 750w.
  10. Hey Guys! So excited to be one of the 12 chosen for stage 2. Here is my video explaining my design for the Level 20gt chassis. I do not have the knowledge to make fancy renderings so i tried my best to sketch out my idea and explain it in the video, hope you like my design, and good luck to everyone!
  11. Good luck to all the contestants! And thank you Andy for putting this together in such a short time frame!
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