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  1. Thanks for the reply, Tt Tautlih.


    Can you tell me why the Lavi D has such a narrow range when the other headphones in the Lavi family have  much wider response range?

    Hi tkavan,


    I must apologise, there was an error in the inputting of data and it is indeed 20Hz~20KHz.


    ​Our future packaging will be updated to correct this.

  2. The specs for this product on the Luxa2 website state a frequency response of 20Hz~20KHz.


    However the specs on the side of the box state a frequency response of 100Hz~9KHz.


    Which is correct?




    Hi there,


    It is Frequency response: 100Hz~9KHz.


    Website has been corrected.


    Thank you for letting us know.

  3. Yes, tried that also. Exactly as you said.


    Seems the same thing. Buggy and non-responsive. Check my video. https://youtu.be/lq3Akq3pjXI


    And again, my greatest pain, layers don't work as "layers". They are just "custom" presets non-interactive with each other. Whats the point of that? There`s already a [save] and [load] button on the bottom left corner for saving and loading different presets you want to keep.


    Win 10 x64

    16 ram

    video: Gtx 1070

    CPU: intel-5 2500k @3.3 GHz

    Dx: 12


    Noted with thanks.

    Already discussing with the PM's.

  4. Yes I tried it all, v1.4 is actually more bugged than older versions, I've tried newest and older. (Even tried in different languages like chinesse since I saw there was a huge difference is the file size.)


    As I said in the review, Layer function doesn't work (or barely work), and even creating and applying layers bugs the hardware colors sometimes. That was the saddest thing for me.


    Can you guys help me more than the obvious?

    Otherwise I wont waste my time here and will just return the product.

    Hi PieroFolly,

    Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us.

    I have passed this on to the PM to take a look asap but I was wondering if you could help me try one thing out.



    1. Can you please uninstall the software.

    2. Hard reset the keyboard itself. Press Fn + Esc and hold for 4-5 seconds until lights go out and full red LED comes on.

    3. Reinstall software, update firmware and check operation again.


    If the issue still exists, can you please provide us your general computer setup and specs and any other information you feel will help us and we will get back to you asap.

  5. Hi Animax1991,


    We have noted your problem with the keyboard and are working on a solution for resolving it.


    A member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.



    I'm Thang Tu, from Viet Nam. My keyboard have duplicated problem. 
    I have contacted Thermaltake Distributors in Viet Nam, http://starfish.com.vn/intro.html, for warranty.
    The keyboard duplicated on "X", "C", "V" key .First time, They said that the problem was caused by customer, they saw water streaks on the keyboard. I didn't know if they right or not, but I can assure with you that I don't pour water on my keyboard accidentally or deliberately on my memory. So, they didn't send me a new keyboard, and they supported to fix the problem. After 2 weeks fixing the keyboard, they sent me back the keyboard and everything is fine until 2 weeks later.
    The keyboard duplicated on "A", "C", "B", "M" key. I sent the keyboard to them for the second warranty. They took me 2 weeks to fix the problem again. Everything seem to be fine after fixing. But again, after 2-3 weeks using the keyboard, the problem came back.
    This time, the duplication happened with "A", "C", "G", "Window" key. On August 19th, I have send them back for the third warranty. the new things is they asked me to replace new switch which will be cost 0.68$/ switch. I'm really upset about their offer, but I cannot use the keyboard with this duplication. And if I accept to replace the switch, do you assure that the problem will be resolved forever ?
    So now, I'm writing you this message to ask for a help. I feel like I'm losing my money, really frustrated. Please prove me that I had poured the water on keyboard, don't just blame your customer and brushed away the responsibility. Also, I have found many bad review about this keyboard on amazon.com. You should consider your Distributor in Viet Nam also, really bad customer service!
    Thanks for your read,
    Thang Tu


  6. Hello, im now using the Ventus-X from TT and it's awesome. i have great handling with her and the red lights are cool, with the Dragon in the Honeycomb it's an eyecatcher.  I think u can confirm it, that's the DPI-Changer and the macrokeys are cool^^


    I love this mouse, in my firt game i get a tripplekill as a supporter (in League of Legends). AblinK u must test this mouse.

    Glad you like it! ;)

  7. Hello,


    Recently, I purchased this pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones. They have decent reviews on amazon, most people say they have very good sound quality. I can say that I wasn't expecting amazing sound quality for that price, but they are pretty OK.


    The issue I have is that the sound quality is noticeably worse when listening in wireless/Bluetooth mode which is how I intend to use them. I can hear some crackling when the music plays on a set of frequencies. As soon as I plug the 3.5mm cable and use the wired mode, there is definitely an improvement over the sound quality.


    I tested with both the Bluetooth transmitter on my F550J Asus laptop and my LG G4 Android phone; they're both equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.


    Is it expected to have poorer sound quality through Bluetooth?


    Thank you.

    Hi there,


    Can you please provide your full contact details and where you purchased together with copy of receipt and email it to me at tautlih@luxa2.com


    We will do our best to follow up!

  8. Good morning All,


    I just want to give some feedback form our Local Competition that we had earlier in the month from the 7th till the 10th.Armor Legion Gaming had 3 teams there with Team Vanguard and Legions representing ALG in the Battlefield Competition and team Explicit representing ALG in the CSGO tournament.Our Explicit team did us proud by finishing second in their tournament with Vanguard taking 4th and Legions finished in the last 10.We had a very powerfull presence at the competition with alot of people seeing our Ttesport gear and also trying it out to see if it is that good.I am very proud of these 3 teams as they are making strides to accomplish not their own dreams but also the core goal of ALG!!Thank you Ttesport for the great gear and support for ALG!!




    All the ALG teams Together.

    WCvanO giving some tips for the Legions team before their next match.




    Team Vanguard standing Tall!!





    Vanguuard ans some other fans giving Legions some Support.



    Vanguard busy on day 2 to get to the Semi-Finals.Some supporters standing by.



    Vanguard Still grinding Away and fighting hard to stasy in the competition.



    Captain and vice Capt of team Legions.



    After a long Day Vanguard sits and relax for the big match in the Semi-Finals.





    Thank you TteSports for the great gear and support.

    Love the photos from the event and the team shirt!!

  9. 2016061714041825-79.jpg

    Sphere is an eSports executive from Garena Philippines but is multi-talented and established himself as a blogger, content creator, shout-caster, and as a full time comedian providing quality entertainment to his audiences. He is well known for being an eSports enthusiast and has gained thousands of followers along the way. If this hasn’t caught your attention, check out his stream and see why thousands of people are turning his gaming commentaries into full blown ab work-outs right from their chairs at home!



    Tt eSPORTS Streamer Page: http://ttesports.com/streamer.aspx?serno=112

    Twitch Chanel: https://www.twitch.tv/gg_sphere

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GGSphere


    Twitter: https://twitter.com/GGSphere

  10. 2016061411331632-51.png


    James Banks has been involved in the eSports scene since 2003 and went from being a professional gamer to a journalist turned successful marketing consultant. James currently works around Europe as an event host, interviewer, commentator and professional eSports personality and streamer. You can find James live during the week playing games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, World of Warcraft and some retro games! Become part of the family, check out his stream and say hi – he does love to talk!


    Tt eSPORTS Streamer Page: http://www.ttesports.com/streamer.aspx?serno=110#

    Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/banksesports

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/banksesports

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