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  1. Yesterday we won our game against IGotGame (IGG) with final score 2-0 in BO3 match ( de_mirage 16-10 ; de_inferno 16-9 ) and match can be seen on this link : https://www.twitch.tv/gameplantv_ro/v/63323358. After this win we are qualified for offline phase of PCGarage CS:GO Clutch Masters by SteelSeries which will be played on 14 may in Bucharest at Artanis Gamers Club ( www.facebook.com/ARTANISclub ). There we will face teams like neXtPlease, cooL Gaming and another one who will be decided in the last qualifier next week.

    Another day, another tournament. Today one player (godfather#2993) from our Hearthstone team will play at Friday Night D'Arena Tournament #4 , an online event (Link : https://battlefy.com/darena-hs/friday-night-darena-tournament-4/571f6c56c3fd8f8e124a8f9e/info).

    Tomorrow another player (Kevineter) from the Hearthstone team will play at "The Last Tavern Hero of Lente&Sotron), offline event. I will keep you updated.


    Have a nice day!

    Thanks for the stream links! Really good to see we can watch through the matches even if we miss it live!

  2. As i said before i travel a lot because of the school and i often stay at my friend house. its hard for gamer to leave his equipment at home and not play but i dont have this problem :D i took my Ttesports gears with me and i even streamed today on my friends computer using my amazing quipment

    Loving the setup!!

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