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  1. LGC

    Gekko Box

    The Gekko Box Nothing fancy for my 4.5 years old boy. CPU: Ryzen 2600 Mobo: Aorus B450i RAM: T-Force Delta RGB 3200 16G Storage: 1TB m.2 Intel 660P GPU: GTX 1070 reference with custom paint Thermaltake lvl 20 VT(I love this case, 2nd one around the house) Thermaltake Floe AIO 240 3x 120mm Thermaltake ARGB fan 1x200mm Thermaltake ARGB front intake Custom sleeve cable to match the Gekko costume color. I sure hope this gekko super hero phase last more than a few months. Lol
  2. i saw a few people have issue like that, that's why i only use ek fluid, never have any issue. i would love to see if thermaltake will take more step to find out why this is happening to some loop not other.
  3. i am surprised the psu fan only have 2 little led in them and it cant do rainbow mode. so i give it a little hand and make it better. riing plus fan mod 20190804_140906 by Li Cai, on Flickr 20190804_140945 by Li Cai, on Flickr 20190804_141754 by Li Cai, on Flickr
  4. final mod of the whole build. PSU fan mod.
  5. Gigabyte B450I pro wifi Ryzen 2600x T-force Delta 3200 16g intel 760p M.2 NVMe 1tb evga 1070 sc (just what i have sitting around) thermaltake RGB 650w(so disappointing when i got this psu, its cant do that's it show on the box.... and only 2 led were in the ring.... if i know what i know now i will jump up to irgb or different brand all togather) CPU block: i went with thermaltake w4 plus. GPU block: ekwb, i always use ekwb for all my gpu, i am very happy with them. Rad: as always i only use alphacool all copper rad, never have issue whatsoever. Coolant: i always have good luck with ekwb as well. i have been using them for years without color change or any other issues. all fittings are barrow or bitspower. i am happier with barrow compare to bitspower...just person experience.
  6. about time to replace my VR pc since my boys start to have fun with VR. first time building distribution plate. 20190628_092844 by Li Cai, on Flickr 20190720_092155 by Li Cai, on Flickr 20190720_092211 by Li Cai, on Flickr 20190721_092829 by Li Cai, on Flickr 20190721_094654 by Li Cai, on Flickr 20190721_094702 by Li Cai, on Flickr 20190721_094723 by Li Cai, on Flickr i went with 1" acrylic, trying to have the reservoir to be a little bit bigger, i was afraid the flow to turbulent in such a small reservoir. what i am worry about did became the problem, so i ended up building a big reservoir in addition to the distribution plate. lucky the 20vt is one of the biggest itx case out there lol 20190723_170413 by Li Cai, on Flickr 20190723_170419 by Li Cai, on Flickr some plates to cover up all the cable and a custom rad cover 20190725_151257 by Li Cai, on Flickr here's the finish product 20190727_175004 by Li Cai, on Flickr topdown(normally how i/other will see the rig) 20190727_174916 by Li Cai, on Flickr first time use all thermaltake fans and led. couple thoughts it's nice eco system. all controllers can chain togather, with 1 usb connection control all. (4 fans, 1 cpu block & 6 led stripes) the software is buggy, i having issue with 1 of the fan can't set as fan, when i set that fan as fan, it gives error, lead to all led off. as of now i only can set it as lumi plus to get all led working. no one button syn... and ocuple others small things. compare to icue from corsair, you can feel a big difference. but over all i am happy with the eco system.
  7. wow, that's low flow. you didnt leak test the rig before hand?
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